‘He’s Opened up a Pandora’s Box…Joe, Be Very Careful What You Wish For!’ – President Trump Fires Dire Warning to Biden While Speaking at New York Young Republican Club Event (VIDEO)

Credit: Forbes/@TheWakeninq

As the Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila reported, President Trump headlined the New York Young Republican Club’s 111th annual gala Saturday night.

The Gateway Pundit’s founder and Editor-in-Chief, Jim Hoft, was featured as an honored guest at the event.

While speaking to the assembled audience, The New York Post revealed Trump had some choice words for Joe Biden’s garbage indictments against him. His speech featured a dire warning that indicting a former commander-in-chief would be a two-way street should he return to the White House.

He’s opened up a Pandora’s box that will never let our country be the same. I can only say to Joe: Be very careful what you wish for, but you have done is a terrible thing!”

WATCH (The warning occurs at the beginning of the video):

Trump went on to say that the indictments were an attack against both him and his supporters.

I am being indicted for you. These are not indictments in the traditional sense. These are Biden indictments against their political opponent.

I am the first guy who ever got indicted whose poll number went up!

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Trump faces 91 felony counts from four separate state and federal probes.

These include Special Counsel Jack Smith’s J6 witch-hunt, the investigation into classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago, the Georgia election case regarding his phone call to RINO Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s garbage lawsuit.

Crossing Trump never ends well for those involved, whether in business or politics. The Biden Crime Family may find out the hard way should Trump return to the Oval Office.


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