Gateway: Beyond the Headlines 12/22/2023 — Todd Wood, Sean Parnell, Dennis Farris, Shelia Matthews and an Update on the Ongoing Efforts to Steal the 2024 Election Before it Even Happens- 8 PM ET


Tonight, Ivory gives us an update on the ongoing efforts to steal the 2024 election before it even happens.

Independent journalist Todd Wood joins Ivory to discuss the latest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza.

Combat veteran and the host of VNN’s Battleground – Sean Parnell – joins Ivory to talk about the growing number of homeless veterans.

Hypocrisy alert! Texas Rep. Gregorio “Greg” Casar, who helped to defund the Austin Police Department during his time on the city council in 2020, has requested enhanced patrols around his home. Dennis Farris, President of the Austin Police Retired Officers Association joins Ivory to discuss.

And finally, Ivory talks about the role prescription drugs play in mass shootings with Sheila Matthews.


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