FASCISM: Democrats in Four States Including Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Massachusetts Decide to Have Only Joe Biden on the Primary Ballot

Four states—Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Massachusetts—have decided to force voters with a single option for the Democratic primaries: Joe Biden.

The decision, which effectively crowns Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee in those states without primary contestation, has incited allegations of disenfranchisement and questions about the democratic process within the party.

The true threat to the demise of our democracy lies with the Democrats, not Donald Trump. The communist party will now decide the Democratic Party’s nominee and who they install into the White House.

The Florida Democratic Executive Committee announced that in the upcoming primary elections, the ballot will only feature the name of Joe Biden, effectively excluding any potential challengers within the party.

The primary, which typically serves as a platform for party members to choose their preferred candidate for the general election, will not accommodate write-in candidates either, a departure from traditional election practices. This means that voters disenchanted with Biden’s performance will be without a recourse to express their dissent in the primary voting process.

The inclusion of only Joe Biden’s name by the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) has led to a federal lawsuit spearheaded by Tampa attorney Michael Steinberg. The lawsuit claims a violation of constitutional rights due to the exclusion of other Democratic candidates, notably Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips.

Steinberg, asserting claims of due process and equal protection rights violations, described the decision as “arbitrary and capricious,” calling for the courts to order the addition of Phillips’ name to the ballot.

Tennessee and North Carolina have similarly placed only Biden’s name on the ballot, with North Carolina offering “No Preference” as an alternative option. In both states, the nominations reflect local Democratic Party decisions that prompted criticisms from the Phillips campaign and other Democratic hopefuls like author Marianne Williamson.

According to a press release from Tennessee’s Secretary of State, “Republican candidate Doug Burgum withdrew from the ballot after suspending his campaign. Democratic candidate Dean Phillips did not satisfy the requirements to gain ballot access via the petition process.”

“We are expecting strong voter turnout for the presidential election cycle next year,” said Secretary Hargett. “I encourage all Tennesseans who need to register to vote or update their voter registration address do so now by using our convenient online voter registration system at GoVoteTN.gov.”

The North Carolina Democratic Party has decided not to include any candidates opposing Biden on the ballot for the elections in March.

WRAL reported:

Democratic President Joe Biden appears headed to an automatic victory in North Carolina’s 2024 Democratic Party primary election. The North Carolina Democratic Party has declined to allow any Biden challengers onto the ballot for March’s elections.

At least two politicians, U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) and Marianne Williamson, a self-help author from California who also ran for president in 2020, have mounted challenges to Biden this year.But unless they fight for it, they won’t be allowed to be on the ballot in North Carolina. The State Board of Elections voted Tuesday to accept all the lists of candidates for the primary submitted by the state’s political parties, including the Democratic Party’s Biden-only selection.

Tommy Mattocks, a spokesman for the North Carolina Democratic Party, defended the decision to make Biden the only option. He’s the only one who’s worked to earn it, he said.

“In order to get on the ballot, you need to have donors in the state, and be actively campaigning in the state,” he told WRAL. “Neither of them have been here this cycle. This is the standard that we have used in all previous cycles.”

In Massachusetts the singular listing of Biden echoes similar sentiments raised in the other states.

Marianne Williamson expressed strong disapproval following the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s decision to submit only President Joe Biden’s name for the state’s Super Tuesday presidential primary ballot.

“The DNC is at it again… We discovered the Massachusetts Democratic Party intends to include only Joe Biden as their primary candidate on the MA ballot,” Williamson wrote.

“Dem Chair Steve Kerrigan’s misplaced attempt at protecting Joe Biden robs Massachusetts Democrats of their voice and choice in the upcoming election. This action is a flagrant violation of DNC rules and process.”

“Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, now Massachusetts… This is a pattern and we cannot let it stand.”

“The Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur, a Democrat presidential candidate, has also publicly criticized the exclusions, calling on the Democratic Party to allow a fair and inclusive primary process.

“This is about all three of us being excluded in a way that was absurd, ridiculous, counterproductive, done, obviously in secret, obviously, to help the incumbent Joe Biden,” Uygur said. “The number one problem with what the Florida Democratic Party is doing is not how it affects me Marianne and Dean [Phillips]. It’s how it affects the Florida Democratic voters. They are robbing them of their voice. They’re saying the democracy is not important, that you should not participate in the process.”


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