FACT CHECK: Detroit’s Covered Windows and Pervasive Leftist Lies about 2020 Election Fraud

A woman peers through the window at the then-named TCF Center in Detroit after Democrat election workers locked the doors and covered the windows with cardboard in November 2020.
  • Detroit election officials covered up the windows at the TCF Center on election night 2020
  • The only reason to cover the windows was to prevent the counting of votes to be hidden from view of Republicans
  • Left-wing zealots continue to deny this happened, despite photographic and eyewitness statements otherwise

OUR RATING: #FakeNews. This is what you’d expect on CNN playing to an empty airport.

Indicted Outlet: Phil Schneider | Twitter | Link | Archive | 11/4/23

UPDATE: In response to this story, two videos were given to us by an eyewitness, further debunking and disproving Phil Schneider’s claims. You can view them here.

Typically TGP FactCheck does not fact-check random leftists on Twitter.

But when people hold themselves out as independent fact-checkers of a sort, when they bring themselves into a number of conversations making fake and false statements and accusations, they promote and amplify a set of lies that they ought to know better than to repeat.

Here is what Twitter’s Phil Schneider said about election night 2020 in Detroit at the TCF Center:

So here is what he wrote:

“Today is the three-year anniversary of one of the most enduring 2020 election myths– that elections officials in Wayne County (Detroit) Michigan covered up windows to keep Republican election challengers from observing ballot counting. It was a lie.”

This statement by Schneider is a complete and utter lie.

The truth is that the windows were covered up to prevent Republicans from observing the counting of ballots.

Phil’s claims are disproven by the people who were there, and disproven by the recorded audio of the Detroit election officials prior to the event. It’s disproven by the eyewitness statements of the people who were at the TCF Center, and it’s disproven by the facts that have come out about the incident.

Phil Schneider is a liar.

Shane Trejo was at the TCF Center on election night 2020 and told TGP FactCheck: “They have since claimed that they were ‘protecting the privacy’ of the Detroit election workers, which was complete nonsense, and that they were ‘protecting Democracy’ by their actions, but they were engaged in a clear as day cover-up. They were covering-up the counting of illegal ballots brought in late, whom eyewitnesses said were suspicious in many ways such as not being folded and all having the same suspicious markings.

Trejo continued, “If they were truly protecting privacy, why didn’t they ban the media from taking pictures? The media was inside the room taking pictures, so the excuse that they needed to protect privacy is just a lie. The problem is that there’s no reason to block the windows except to cover up what they were doing. No one wants to admit the obvious: they were literally covering-up ongoing voter fraud.”

“Their excuses have made no sense,” Trejo adds. This is what shows that Schneider is lying: the excuses are nonsense.

Meshawn Maddock, another witness present at the covering of windows by pizza boxes, confirms all the same details.

Meshawn Maddock is visible in many of the photographs from the incident by the mainstream media.

Meshawn Maddock tells TGP FactCheck: “Republicans were standing at the windows begging to be let in, and they were completely ignored. These were people who were on the list to be poll challengers and poll workers, and they were simply being denied. The way Wayne County was operating they were only going after the Republicans. I guess in their minds only Republicans got COVID? Anyway, they put up poster board and then used pizza boxes when they ran out of posterboard. I don’t know what else to say other than to say why else would you poster up the windows. They didn’t say anything as they were doing it, it’s clear that they just made up an excuse later to justify it.”

Witnesses say that no Democrats were excluded from re-entry, and that only Republicans were barred. When the windows were later covered-up, only Republicans were being prevented from seeing what was going on.

“There was no reason to cover up the windows. I was there. I saw them doing it. I was looking out of the last window when they covered it up. It was to stop our view,” said Maddock.

“We weren’t disruptive or threatening anyone. They could have kicked us out of the building if we were being disruptive. They could have had the police come over if there was a problem. There were plenty of police around. But they didn’t because their only goal was to cover up the big steal.”

TGP FactCheck even spoke with another individual who was there, who asked to remain anonymous because of the threat of retaliation and lawsuits by far-left Attorney General Nessel and others, who confirmed all the key details. The individual said, “I was there and the Detroit officials did everything to stifle us. I swore out an affidavit to this effect as did many others. All of this is easy to find. And I mean, of course they were trying to obstruct our view.”

The witness continued, “They used COVID to stifle us from monitoring the election. It’s quite obvious why: they were trying to rig the election. I was there from early in the morning to late all night, literally all day. We were a group of Republican volunteers. There wasn’t a single Democrat out there, despite what the media says. Everyone who worked on Michigan Trump Victory [the 2020 Trump campaign] had it as part of our contract to monitor the election.”

“There was no violence by Republicans, no threats by Republicans, and we were upset that they were illegally kicking out Republicans. They gave us no other option, so we got loud.”

Read the rest of the article at TGP FactCheck

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