Devin Nunes: We Are Looking at a Disaster at the Democrat Party Convention if Joe Biden Can Make It Through – House Needs to Go After Team Obama People in DOJ and FBI (VIDEO)

Former Congressman Devin Nunes, the chief executive officer of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), joined John Hines on One America News Network this weekend.

During the interview Devin Nunes touched on the friction between Barack Obama and Joe Biden and the Democrat quagmire. Nunes also called on Republicans to go after the “larger problem” in Washington DC than the Biden Crime Family. Nunes wants Republicans to go after the Obama people in the DOJ and FBI.

Devin Nunes: What I’ve said is that I just think it’s highly unlikely Biden’s going to be the nominee. Now, you know this because you’re in Washington, John, and I, from my experience there, Team Obama is the one that’s been running the Biden White House. And I think that the giveaway here is that the night before Biden – the giveaway is this, the night before Biden runs, Susan Rice, who’s the domestic policy advisor, one of Obama’s top lieutenants, she was running the White House. She exits stage left in the middle of the night, she’s gone. So that tells me that clearly she was not on board for another Biden administration. I think what they were trying to do, cut a deal for the kid with that phony gun charge they tried to do in Delaware, go to Biden, say, look, we got your kid off. It’s time for you to get the hell out. He didn’t. And I think that’s the problem here. Obama can’t control Biden and Biden’s wife because at the end of the day, Biden controls that important title, the presidency.

So now you’ve gotten full blown. David Axelrod, Obama’s political guy, is out there, saying we’re not going to win with Biden. So that is a clear sign that they want Biden out. The polls clearly show it. I think they would have preferred because they have a Kamala Harris problem. I think they would have preferred to have a primary with three or four candidates in it because they don’t want Kamala Harris either. So I think where we’re headed here is to a, the Democratic party is headed to a disaster next year at their convention if Biden can make it through because of just the health issues, not to have mentioned the final straw that would break the camel’s back would be, does Obama want to unleash the Department of Justice, that he controls, his people control, because they’re the ones that are chasing Trump around, filing, orchestrating all of these phony lawsuits and phony charges, the documents hoax raid at Mar a Lago. This is all orchestrated by Team Obama. So they could, if they really got desperate, I mean, they could just flat out start indicting multiple Bidens. For what, John, if you or I or any of the people out there listening, if we had the Hunter Biden laptop, if that was the John Hines laptop, I can tell you, John, you would be locked away for many, many years and appropriately so….

John Hines: I’d have a lot of time on my hands. Sir, you mentioned, you touched on something I wanted to ask you about, too. Is it time now for the House, your colleagues in the House, just to go ahead and vote on impeachment?

Devin Nunes: Well, look, if you only go after Biden, which is kind of what they’ve been on, and they’ve done a good job, I have to say, they followed the money. They have got a lot put together on what looks like complete corruption. But if they only go after Biden and the Biden crime family, they’re going to miss the larger problem here, which is all the team Obama people. And so what I’ve said is that Biden is only one part of the problem. The other problem is the corrupt Department of Justice and the corrupt FBI. So they should encompass Jack Smith, all the top people, the Department of Justice, all the games that are going on at the border, and subpoena those people immediately.

So if you just go after, like, you’re going to miss, if you just go out and impeach Biden, it’s not going to get through the Senate, and you’re going to let all the real criminals flee. Like, look, I’m not saying that what the Biden family have done, I mean, look, it looks really bad. It clearly looks impeachable. But if you’re going to run an investigation, you got to follow all the trails all the way down and rope them all in.

John Hines: CEO of Truth social, Devon. Sir, it’s always a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you for being on weekly briefing, and Merry Christmas.

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