DEVELOPING: Credentialed “Blaze Media” Journalist CHARGED by FBI for Documenting J6 | INTERVIEW (VIDEO)

Steve Baker is a journalist for (Blaze Media) & was formally charged by the FBI for documenting the protest and unrest around the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.

This isn’t the first journalist the Biden DOJ has attempted to prosecute, as Owen Shroyer of Info Wars was recently incarcerated for 47 days based on comments he made during his nightly news broadcast. There were several other reporters who have been investigated and charged.

However, Steve Baker’s case is drastically different than Shroyer’s situation. Steve was a well established reporter (not even a Trump supporter at the time) who attended the Trump rally with the intent of documenting the transfer of power during an important day in American history.

The FBI harassed him in July of 2021, but left him alone after becoming aware of his status as an established reporter. The only issue is, Steve eventually began investigating the federal government’s role in the events of January 6th and uncovered corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement. This apparently upset federal prosecutors who are now formally charging Baker despite him working actively as a credentialed journalist for

This sets a terrible precedent for both the Biden DOJ and FBI who are now targeting legitimate members of the press purely based on their political bias. This may end up at the Supreme Court one day (case currently pending at SCOTUS to combat the abuse of the DOJ against attendees of Trump’s January 6th rally)

Steve Baker appeared on Elijah Schaffer’s podcast, Slightly Offensive, to discuss this emerging story (watch below)


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