Controversy Erupts When Student Fails Quiz for Answering CORRECTLY!

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Children ‘are taught the opposite’

A controversy that appears to pit science against the leftist ideologies of wokeness, with wokeness winning, has erupted in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s because a student failed a quiz in school by answering correctly – and scientifically. But his responses were contrary to the wokeness in which many public schools are submerged these days.

The case was profiled by Jason Rantz on his program on KTTH.

He explained how far afield from reality one teacher has strayed. “An activist history teacher failed a Seattle student on a quiz for saying only women can get pregnant and that only men have penises.”

Rantz noted, “10th grade Ethnic Studies World History teacher at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle gave students a quiz titled, ‘Understanding Gender vs. Sex.’ The quiz provided a series of statements to label true or false, or questions with multiple choices.”

The ideology-driven paper included demands about pronouns, and when someone insists that others address him, or her, as “they/them” and other leftist points.

“Two questions, however, are objectively false, but students are taught the opposite,” Rantz reported.

“Question 4 was a true or false question with the statement, ‘All men have penises.’ The student labeled the statement ‘true’ since it is, in fact, true. But the teacher penalized the answer, marking it incorrect. The teacher claims women can have a penis,” the report said.

“Similarly, Question 7 was a true or false question with the statement, ‘Only women can get pregnant.’ Again, the student marked the statement ‘true’ because only women can get pregnant. Again, the teacher penalized the student, insisting the answer is false. The teacher believes men can get pregnant.”

Rantz reported the student’s mother contacted the school and was “met with silence.”

However, she said on the show, “I keep trying to wrap my head around how it is legal to teach inaccurate information and force students to answer against their beliefs or receive negative scores.”

She accused the school of teaching “political beliefs” rather than fact.

The report noted the school district claimed the quiz is “inclusive,” and that it was appropriate.

A district statement claimed,”Seattle Public Schools is dedicated to establishing inclusive environments that allow exploration of contemporary issues, specifically examining the impacts of power systems such as racism and patriarchy.”

The statement, however, failed to address the issue of the question answers simply being wrong.

And, Rantz reported, “It’s not clear how this unscientific lesson around gender identity was connected to world history.”

The show host then explained, “The student was failed for refusing to answer politically motivated questions intended to legitimize an extremist gender identity movement claiming gender is fluid. The students aren’t being taught; they’re being indoctrinated. And it’s by design: district leaders think this lesson is not only appropriate, but factually accurate.”

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