Chicago Has Spent at Least $138M on Newly-Arrived Illegals

The cost to American cities of Joe Biden’s broken border is staggering.

CBS Chicago investigators have uncovered records showing Chicago has paid out $138 million from October 2022 to the present to address the needs of illegals in the city.

CBS Chicago reports:

The largest recipient of the money was Favorite Healthcare Staffing – a healthcare staffing firm. The firm received $93 million – 68 percent of the total sum.

Equitable Social Solutions, a company that works in homelessness prevention and housing support, got $19 million.

The family-owned food service company Open Kitchens got $15 million.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the sweet deal Favorite Healthcare Staffing has with the city.

NBC 5 reports:

An NBC 5 Investigates’ review of invoices for 400 Favorite Healthcare Staffing employees showed that Favorite routinely billed for 84 hours of work per week for most of their employees and that those rates ranged from nearly $50 to $156 an hour for regular pay and from $75 to $234 an hour for overtime during the four-week period we examined.

When it came to employees assigned to security, the invoices show that Favorite charged Chicago taxpayers a median payrate of $24,000 apiece for each security guard, for four weeks’ worth of work. That translates to an annual charge, for each security guard, of $312,000.

The invoices also show that for one registered nurse at the shelters, Favorite billed Chicago a total of more than $64,272 for four weeks’ worth of work. At that rate, taxpayers could’ve potentially paid more than $830,000 a year for this single nurse.



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