California Voters Without Party Preference Cannot Vote for Presidential Candidates

A Gateway Pundit reader has brought to light a pressing issue following a perplexing letter received from the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters.

The reader’s brother, a San Bernardino County resident, received official communication urging him to register with a specific political party in order to participate in the presidential primary via mail-in ballot.

According to the voter’s report, the letter explicitly stated that because he was registered as a voter with “No Party Preference” (NPP), his vote-by-mail ballot would not include presidential candidates. This scenario requires NPP voters to request a party-specific ballot if they wish to cast their vote for the nation’s highest office.

In an attempt to verify the claim and understand the procedures, our reader consulted the California Secretary of State’s website.

According to the California Secretary of State’s website, voters who have not declared a political party preference are considered “No Party Preference” (NPP) voters.

If an NPP voter wishes to vote for a U.S. President, they must request a ballot with presidential candidates from one of the following parties: the American Independent Party, the Democratic Party, or the Libertarian Party. This can be done through various means such as phone, email, fax, or other electronic methods.

California Secretary of State’s website

The details about the inclusion of the Republican Party for No Party Preference (NPP) voters in the upcoming Presidential Primary Election are not prominently displayed or might be less noticeable on the California Secretary of State’s website. This observation suggests that while information about voting as an NPP voter in the Republican Party is available, it may require more careful navigation or scrutiny to locate these specifics.

To vote for the Green, Peace and Freedom, or Republican parties’ presidential candidates, NPP voters must re-register with the specific party.

California Secretary of State’s website

One must register his or her party affiliation in order to vote for the presidential primary via mail-in ballot. The risk of fraud is very high in mail-in voting. Concerns are raised about the potential for altered, stolen, or forged mail-in ballots.

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