Breaking: Georgia Elections Board “Continues” Investigation into 17,000 Ballot Images Missing from 2020 Presidential Election

Guest post by Joe Hoft at – republished with permission

The Georgia State Board of Elections (SEB) was scheduled to cover the results of investigation (SEB2023-25) at its meeting this week. The investigation into the 2020 Election has been labeled “violations found”. Yesterday the SEB reported that this investigation has been reclassified as “continued” and will not be discussed at this week’s meetings.

The whole story behind this case and two others was outlined in this post.

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Officials to Discuss Investigation into Secretary of State Raffensperger After His Chief Counsel Threatened Official and Judge

We reported that a complaint for Fulton County was filed that specifically called out 3125 duplicate ballot counts and 17,852 votes counted that do not have a corresponding ballot image. This complaint resulted in the creation of investigation SEB2023-25. This investigation is reportedly complete and the results of this investigation were to be presented to the SEB next week. This complaint was recently categorized by the Board as “violations found.”

Yesterday the SEB reported that this investigation has been continued and will therefore not be discussed at this week’s SEB meeting. A shore email was sent to related parties in this case as follows:

On Fri, Dec 15, 2023 at 4:30 PM [a paralegal at the SEB] wrote:

Good afternoon,

Please accept this email as notice that the case SEB2023-025 has been continued from the agenda, and will not be heard at the December 19 SEB meeting.

Best regards,



Georgia State Election Board

The corrupt actors in Georgia postponed the reporting of this case most likely to prevent more the release of more evidence of corrupt results and activities in the 2020 Georgia Election that would help President Trump and others in the BS indictments against them from Fulton County.

In addition, there are over 140,000 ballots that citizens have been prevented to audit due to the Secretary of State’s office. These ballots reportedly all looked the same and “like carbon copies” and were included in the election counting. They were identified during the recount also known as the Risk Limiting Audit (RLA) and they have been blocked for review in the courts since the 2020 election. Although the Georgia Supreme Court ruled a year ago that the citizens in the state can review these ballots, the Secretary of State and the courts are preventing this from happening.

Corrupt Georgia Judge Illegally Refusing to Act in 2020 Election Case – 150,000 Ballots at Stake

Another case set up to investigate corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (SEBBI2023-001) is on the agenda and has not yet been “continued” or “cancelled”. It has been ignored to date. We’ll see what happens with this one. Based on the corrupt leaders in the state’s actions to date, it will be cancelled or given to a corrupt team to “investigate”.

The Georgia state leaders are withholding information to prevent bogus court cases against President Trump and others from presenting the truth during trial.


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