Ablechild on Mass Killings: More Likely Related to Big Pharma than to Guns

Guest post by Joe Hoft at – republished with permission

AbleChild warns that the root cause behind mass murders is not the guns used but rather the drugs pushed on innocents by Big Pharma. 

The following taken from a recent article at is reprinted with permission.

AbleChild reports that going after the gun manufacturers after mass killings is not the answer.  What needs to be looked into is the psychiatric drugs involved.

fter each mass shooting, the behavioral health “experts,” with conflicts of interest, are presenting fabricated numbers to the lawmakers.  These numbers do NOT include the number of children or adults that are already on psychiatric drugs that are linked to violence and suicide at the time of their death.  The questionnaires and surveys the behavioral health industry produce, fail to mention the blackbox warning when discussing suicide and homicide data.  This failure to break down the numbers based on the BLACK BOX SUICIDE and VIOLENCE Warnings is unacceptable and misleading.  This leaves the public wondering with every new mass killing, was the killer on psychiatric drugs?

The behavioral health industry then hides behind privacy laws to refuse the release of this much needed data.  Lawmakers cannot possibly pass appropriate legislation without accurate data and behavioral health providers are not asking the hard hitting questions that are necessary to help lawmakers do their jobs and understand what may be causing these mass killings.

The behavioral health and drug industry continue to place the American public, in fact, the World, on an express elevator to “mental health access,” with no stop, or ability to get off these deadly products.  In fact, they are sucking much needed funds from law enforcement, education, and the military.  They do not allow clients to ever take the down elevator off psychiatric drugs by marketing the claim that they “may” suffer from a chemical imbalance, which has been totally debunked.

Therefore, AbleChild has released this groundbreaking PSA to help inform the public of the unseen power and control this industry has, including misleading police investigations of mass killings, and in allowing industry insiders to participate in the “investigative panels,” as is the case with the recent shooting in Maine.  And, the media stands by, never asking the hard-hitting questions that need to be answered.

Simply put, the data is compromised to enhance behavioral health profits, and is not in the best interest of Public Safety.  Please visit and sign the petition for federal hearings on the link between mass shootings and psychiatric drug products and services.

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