16 Former DC Officials, Including former Bushies, Bill Kristol, and Nutcase George Conway, Submit Brief to US Court of Appeals Arguing Against Immunity for Trump

Bill Kristol, George Conway, Patrick Fitzgerald, and others send Trump-hating brief to Court of Appeals.

Sixteen former DC officials and “legal experts” submitted an amici curiae brief to the US Court of Appeals in President Trump’s immunity appeal, arguing against immunity for ex-presidents in criminal cases.

The list of attorneys includes former Bushies, turncoat Bill Kristol, Ty Cobb, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, a Mike Pence advisor, and unhinged nutcase George Conway.

Here are the so-called “principled Republican” experts who are sh*tting on Trump today:

  • Brad Berenson- Associate Counsel to George W. Bush
  • Gregory A. Brower – Appointed by George W Bush
  • Tom Campbell
  • Ty Cobb- Special Counsel to Trump
  • Tom Coleman
  • George T Conway III
  • John J Farmer – Assistant US Attorney for George HW Bush and Bill Clinton
  • Patrick J Fitzgerld – US Attorney appointed by George W Bush
  • William Kristol
  • Phillip Allen Lacovara – Deputy Solicitor General to Nixon
  • John McKay- US Attorney in Washington under George W Bush
  • Trevor Potter- Chairman of the Federal Election Commission (1994) appointed by George HW Bush
  • Claudine Schneider
  • Fern M Smith
  • Olivia Troye – Special Advisor, Homeland Security and Counterterrorism to Mike Pence
  • William F Weld
  • Patrick Fitzgerald is a former Special Counsel in the Valerie Plame Affair, where he indicted Scooter Libby, who President Trump pardoned.

Bill Kristol ran The Weekly Standard until he lost his mind, and his Trump hatred ran that quasi-conservative periodical into the dirt.

Olivia Troye was a special advisor to turncoat Mike Pence, who, we think, ran for president this year.

And George Conway made a living from 2017 to 2021 running his mouth on liberal TV trashing Trump. His lies are legendary.

What a fine group of grifters!

The amicus brief emphasizes that granting immunity to former presidents contradicts the Constitution and historical practice, arguing such immunity would violate the separation of powers and the principle of a peaceful transition of executive power.

It claims that the Constitution does not provide such immunity for former presidents, even for acts committed during their tenure.

Additionally, the brief calls for holding former officeholders accountable for wrongful actions, underscoring the necessity for adherence to professional obligations and the possibility of criminal prosecution for misconduct.

The brief also contends that even if limited immunity existed, it would not apply to the alleged actions of Trump.

These principled conservatives want Trump to suffer as much as possible in this latest lawfare case created out of whole cloth by the Marxist left.

Here is the full document filing.

This brief was filed after the US Supreme Court on Friday denied Jack Smith’s request for a ruling on Trump’s immunity argument.

“The court denied without comment special counsel Jack Smith’s request asking the justices to circumvent the normal appeals court process and quickly decide the legal question, which looms large in Trump’s criminal prosecution in Washington over allegations of election interference,” NBC News reported.

Jack Smith will now have to wait for the US Circuit Court of Appeals for DC to make a decision. Oral arguments begin on January 9, 2024.

The US Supreme Court may consider the appeal after the appellate court does, however there is a chance that the SCOTUS won’t take up this case in this term.

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