WATCH: Western Liberal Support for Terrorists Mocked in Hysterical Satire

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‘From river to sea, Palestine will free’ is right ‘because it rhymes’

Western support for Hamas, the blood-thirsty terrorists from Gaza who committed horrific atrocities to kill 1,400 Israelis in an attack on innocent civilians last month, is being skewered in a satire video online.

There’s a 19-minute skit that is called “Welcome to Columbia Untisemity” and opens with a nearly three-minute segment that has been posted online.

A report from the Jerusalem Post explains a doctored Columbia University logo appears in the ski, as the school “has been at the center of multiple scandals since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war, with one professor actively praising the October 7 attack on civilians.”

The presentation is a product of the Israeli television show Eretz Nehederet, meaning “wonderful country.”

It opens with a logo for “Columbia Untisemity” that has a Palestinian flag with “from the river to the sea” inscribed below it and two crossed-out Magen Davids.

The actors, sporting blue and pink hair, chant sing-song: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” the trope that terrorists often use to suggest the destruction of the state of Israel.

Then one actor states, “Do you know why it’s true?” “Because it rhymes!”

The Post report explains, “Throughout the show, the comedians make fun of the ignorance and apparent hypocrisy of students supporting Hamas, a registered terrorist organization that does not share the values associated with Western liberalism.”

It continues, “One of the comedians waved an LGBT+ flag that has the Palestinian flag contained inside; this flag is often used by the ‘Queers for Palestine’ movement. Being LGBT+ in Gaza is a crime punishable by death, and so the support for Hamas and for Palestinian nationalism from some members of the LGBT community can be seen as shocking for some.”

One actor calls himself “racist fluid,” but the truth appears to seep into the video when they are interviewing someone from Gaza, who bluntly tells them, “Allah will kill all you infidels.”

And he continues, “We will throw you from the roof, you homosexual dirt.”

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