WATCH: Rep. Troy Nehls GRILLS Bureau of Prisons Director Colette Peters on Transgender Prison Policies in House Judiciary Hearing – Peters Confirms Bureau of Prisons is Paying for Prisoners’ “Gender Affirming Surgeries”

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) tore into Bureau of Prisons Director Colette Peters on Tuesday over woke transgender policies in federal correctional facilities during the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance’s hearing on Prison Oversight.

“Transgender” women in female prisons is a nationwide issue that The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on.

Even worse, Peters admits, “We have paid for two gender-affirming surgeries!” Why are the taxpayers funding a department that gives some inmates preferential treatment, such as the ability to change their gender, while January 6 prisoners are isolated in solitary confinement and abused?

Additionally, Democrats on the Committee and Peters repeatedly said the issues with high inmate recidivism rates, staffing shortages, and overworked employees are tied directly to a lack of resources, as they slammed Republicans for “defunding” prisons. Why are we dedicating resources toward elective transgender surgery for criminals if the Bureau of Prisons is truly facing a resource crisis?

Maybe if our prisons were located in a foreign country under invasion, they would have all the money they need for their woke BS and to manage other challenges.

As Rep. Nehls noted in his opening comments, Joe Biden reissued Obama-era policies and guidelines requiring transgender accommodations, including preferred name and pronoun usage. President Trump’s policies directed prison officials to use biological sex to determine the prison to which convicted individuals would be assigned. When asked if she agrees with these policies, Colette Peters responded, “We are required to provide medical and mental health care for all individuals, including those who identify as transgender, yes.”

Peters later revealed that some prisons do not assign inmates based on their biological sex–the one that corresponds with their genitalia and natural hormones. Peters then stated, “All but 11 individuals at the Federal Bureau of Prisons are placed in housing assignments based on their biological sex.”

But not just anybody can say they’re transgender, claims Peters. According to her, “It would trigger a very complex serious evaluation from degreed medical doctors and psychologists who would conduct an evaluation based on your gender identity.” Still, we all know that gender-affirming care is precisely that: affirming.

“All of a sudden, I go to court, and they convict me, and I’m going to prison, and now instead of saying my name is Troy Nehls, I’m now going to say my name is Suzy Nehls, and I am a woman. Right? I just make that claim. At what point in time during the spectrum would that allow me then to release the bull into the pen of heifers?” Nehls responded in epic fashion.

Nehls further invoked the name of Peter “Donna” Langan, an ex-neo Nazi and convicted bank robber whose “gender confirmation surgeries” were reportedly “hastened” by the Bureau of Prisons after he successfully sued the agency over the alleged violation of his rights. “I’d like to know whether this means that inmates now have the Eighth Amendment right to sex changes,” Nehls said before yielding his time.

Nehl’s line of questioning and his responses to Peters’ answers were brutal!

The Gateway Pundit reported live on the hearing this morning. Watch a replay of the entire hearing here.

Watch Troy Nehls expose the transgender madness in federal prisons below:

Nehls: Say I’m a man, I’m a woman now, and I haven’t had any surgeries up to this point. Maybe, I’ll get them while I’m in prison, because I’m assuming we’re paying for those, right?

Peters: We’ve paid for two gender affirming surgeries.

Nehls: Ok, two. So once you start, you’re going to continue; you ain’t changing that, right… I mean look at this guy. This is an interesting guy, folks. Look at this guy. His name is Peter Langan. He’s got long hair; look at this guy, he looks like a bad, bad guy. He is a bad guy. He’s a Nazi, ex-Nazi terrorist. He’s a bad, bad hombre, and this guy wants to be referred to as Donna. Do your employees, do you require them to say he must be called Donna?

Peters: Congressman No. And in fact, in order to produce a name change…

Nehls: Well, he’s suing. He’s suing you all, because he’s claiming that his eighth amendment rights were violated for not being provided gender-conforming surgery. For the people at home, this man is an ex-Nazi bank robber. In June, his lawsuit was settled. And I’d like to know whether this means that inmates now have the Eighth Amendment right to sex changes. Are we paying for guys like this, who are just sick, we send them to prison, we’re restricting their freedom, and now this guy says he wants to be Donna? I suppose I understand why he’d want to be Donna because you want to release this guy into the pen of heifers. You’re releasing this guy into the pen of heifers is what you’re doing. Isn’t that what a guy would want to do? If I’m going to prison for 10 years, and you’re restricting my freedom, I guess I would want to go to the prison where the ladies are. Wouldn’t you suggest that, wouldn’t that be a good idea? And if you’re allowing that to take place through this process by talking to these shrinks and these guys, I’m going to convince you I’m a woman, and I’m going to enjoy five years in prison. As a matter of fact, half of them will probably say, “Don’t even release me on patrol. I’m having too much fun here. I’m having too much fun.” It is disgusting. Quite honestly, what we’ve done to our country. Biden, three daughters, I have some real issues that are very troubling. You can do better than that. I yield.

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