WATCH: NBC Airs Weird Segment Trying to Argue That Being Pro-Abortion is a Conservative Position

Friday’s edition of NBC Nightly News interviewed three Republicans who were arguing that being pro-abortion is actually a conservative position.

The segment was about a vote scheduled to take place on Tuesday in which Ohio voters will decide if abortion will be a constitutionally protected right in the state.

During the segment, former Ohio state lawmaker Joan Lawrence said, “I think it’s up to the individual, not the government to decide what to do about a pregnancy.”

“It’s not a partisan issue, it really isn’t. And Republicans are making it a — trying to make it a partisan issue,” Lawrence continued.

Correspondent Stephanie Gosk said, “Other Republican women from the reliably red Columbus suburbs also feel that way. In August they voted against a Republican effort to make changing the state constitution harder. Many viewed that special election as an attempt to undermine the vote next Tuesday when Ohioans decide whether to guarantee access to abortion in the state constitution.”

Gosk then spoke to “Lisa Knapp, a registered Republican believes in low taxes and small government. She also says women’s bodies are their own business.”

“So, that’s a big Republican ideal is that the government stays out of our business, but in this particular issue they are getting in your business,” Knapp argued.

“Do you think that the abortion issue has been good politically for the Republican Party?” Gosk asked.

“Oh, it’s been horrible,” Knapp said.

The third so-called pro-choice conservative was identified only as “Erica.”

Erica said, “If someone was like, hey, I want to impose a six-week ban I would never vote for that person. I think the abortion issue is just a lot bigger than most people have realized it is, you know, for Republicans.”


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