Tragic: 15-Month-Old Girl Dies from Organ Failure and Cardiac Arrest Two Days After Receiving Three Vaccines During Routine Visit

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In a heart-wrenching incident, Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren, a 15-month-old girl, tragically passed away two days after receiving routine vaccinations. Her mother, Katherine Palombi, recalls the shock and sorrow of losing a child who was the epitome of joy and health.

On October 17, during a routine 15-month well-visit at the Herbert Kania Pediatric Group in Warwick, New York, Melody received three vaccines, News12 Westchester reported.

Just two days later, she suddenly stopped breathing and suffered cardiac arrest despite exhibiting no warning signs.

Photo: Jessica Rose/Facebook

Her grandmother, caring for her at the time, was instructed by 911 operators to perform CPR until the arrival of paramedics. Despite exhaustive lifesaving efforts at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Melody’s life couldn’t be saved.

Katherine Palombi recounts the devastating day, describing her last goodbye to Melody before leaving for work, and the harrowing call she received about her daughter’s breathing troubles.

“I just kept saying, she just had vaccines, she just had vaccines,” Palombi repeatedly thought, highlighting her immediate concern linking the vaccines to her daughter’s critical condition.

Hospital records revealed that Melody suffered liver and kidney failure, along with cardiac arrest. The Herbert Kania Pediatric Group declined to comment on the case. The CDC notes that up to 10 vaccines are recommended for 15-month-olds; Melody had received three – for varicella (chickenpox), DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), and Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b bacteria).

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Melody had been hospitalized once before with a high fever and body rash after vaccinations at 2 months old. Physicians at the time speculated it was likely a virus, not an allergic reaction. However, Palombi believes that the vaccines were too much for her daughter’s body in both instances.


As the medical community and the family await Melody’s autopsy results, Katherine Palombi’s message is one of awareness and maternal instinct.

“Trust your gut and don’t let them push anything on to your children that you don’t want to do,” Palombi told News12. “I just want to spread awareness in Melody’s name. Maybe she can save other children.”

A fundraising campaign was set up by Melody Rain’s aunt, Jessica Rose, to help the family with medical expenses and creating a legacy in Melody’s name.

From GoFundMe:

On October 19, 2023, we lost our precious Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren, daughter of Katherine Palombi and Jesse Malmgren. Melody was a beautiful 15-month-old angel who brought immense joy and love into the lives of everyone who was blessed to know her. Melody will be greatly missed by all, including her big sister Pearl. Melody’s time with us was far too short, but her impact was immeasurable.
Melody was sent to earth to teach us, all of us, profound lessons. For each of us, those lessons might vary, but collectively she taught us how to truly embrace the act of showing love, she reminded us of the importance of daily laughter, and she taught us how to cherish the small moments in life.
Her final lesson, however, comes with a job that her family must now carry out. We must preserve Melody’s legacy. God had a plan. There is always a plan. He had a plan for us to share the message about the dangers of vaccines.
And he had a plan for Melody.
This is not the time nor the place to change anyone’s opinion on the medical necessity for vaccinations. That is for each of you to decide on your own at your own time. The only lesson I hope to bring here today is that nothing is one size fits all. Every person, child, and baby is different. All of us, have our own threshold, of what we can handle. And that is the same for these little babies who are given so many vaccines. It is now our job to spread awareness. To educate. To question. To make sure that changes are made so that babies and children are safe.
Her little body, couldn’t handle was said to be a safe and normal procedure. IT IS NOW, that we ensure Melody’s legacy saves other children from this pain that we are all suffering from today.
As we navigate this difficult journey of grief, we are also faced with the burdens that come with laying our beloved Melody to rest and preserving her legacy. We’ve created this GoFundMe fundraiser to support our family during this challenging time and to create a lasting legacy for Melody.

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