Three Years Ago Today America Woke Up to a Stolen 2020 Presidential Election

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Three years ago today America woke up to a stolen 2020 Election.  

Americans could see through the Russia collusion lie and the unbelievable Democrat impeachment of President Trump for daring to ask about what was going in with the Bidens in Ukraine.

They came out in droves and set the record for the most valid votes for a candidate in history.  For the first time, a candidate had gained more than 70 million votes.

President Trump also recorded the most votes by a President as he walked away with the 2020 Election.

Then in the middle of the night, Americans were told that counting was stopping in multiple swing states.  When Americans woke up three years ago today they saw that their election had been stolen.

Joe Biden who hadn’t even campaigned, who stuttered, who was obviously senile, who stood for all that America hated (corruption, Obama, career politicians, etc…) somehow earned over 80 million votes.  The media told us it was legit.  Some do to this day.

From Toria Brooke:

“Today marks the 3 year anniversary of the most fraudulent presidential election in American history.

Joe Biden, who barely campaigned, couldn’t get anybody to show up to his rallies, and clearly was in cognitive decline, somehow managed to receive the MOST VOTES IN AMERICAN HISTORY with 81 million, all while losing 18 of 19 bellwether counties and winning only 16% of counties overall.

And remember if you question any of this, you’re just an election denying conspiracy theorist.”

I’ve written three books about the stolen 2020 Election.  They planned the steal.  They executed the steal.  They covered up the steal.


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