Spain Awakens: Millions Take to the Streets Against Socialist Coup and Catalan Separatist Amnesty

Spanish citizens showed  a unified front against Socialist dirty tricks.

To manipulate the number of people present in demonstrations – diminishing it when they don’t like the people involved – is a time-honored political dirty trick by the MSM.

So you’ll see all over the news the assessment that Spain’s protests today (12) gathered ‘tens of thousands’ in all Spain – which is laughable compared to available photographic evidence, and even their own biased reporting reveal much higher numbers.

The ‘authorities’ are saying 80,000 people turned out in Madrid to protest – organizers say it’s around a million people – just in Madrid.

But even with the MSM low-ball numbers, the massive protests took place in 42 cities – so we are talking many hundreds of thousands at the very least.

Millions took to the streets of Spain today.

The massive gatherings across Spain were to protest against the acting government’s plans to further itself in office by an amnesty to convicted separatists for Catalan independence.

Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez argues that it would help promote coexistence, but his opponents show the move as a cynical and self-serving means of remaining in power.

The conservative People’s party (PP) finished first in July’s election, but so far it has proved unable to form a government.

Socialists and its partners mustered backing by promising the amnesty to the two main Catalan pro-independence parties.

Protests were held on Sunday in over 40 towns and cities across the country, including Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia.

The Guardian reported:

“People congregating in the capital’s Puerta del Sol square carried effigies of Sánchez as Pinocchio, chanted, ‘Prison for Pedro Sánchez’ and carried banners with messages including: ‘Democracy in Spain is at risk’, ‘Sánchez traitor” and “No amnesty for terrorism – Europe, save us’.

[…] Speaking in Puerta del Sol, the PP’s leader, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, once again accused Sánchez of ‘buying his investiture in return for giving his partners judicial impunity’ and said Spaniards would not remain silent over the amnesty. ‘The office of prime minister of Spain can’t be an object to be bought and sold’, said Feijóo. ‘Spaniards want democracy, equality, justice and dignity. Spain has never sold itself, and they [the PSOE] have tried to cover up the fact that they lost. The prime minister of Spain will always be the person that’s won the elections’.”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, PP president in Madrid decried Sanchez’ ‘totalitarian’ project.

‘He’s decided that he will not lose power, whatever the cost for Spain; that nothing and no one will take it from him’, she said. ‘He’s decided to dynamite the rules of the game and to suppress institutions and state powers’.

Vox’s leader, Santiago Abascal, described Sánchez’s deal with the Catalan parties as ‘a coup d’état in capital letters’ and said it was the ‘most delicate moment in Spanish politics in the past 40 years’. He also called for a ‘permanent and peaceful mobilization’ that went far beyond Sunday’s one-off demonstrations.”

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