Source of Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell Proffer Interviews Identified

On November 13, ABC News reported that they obtained portions of video from interviews held with Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell, two of the indicted individuals in the Fani Willis RICO case.  Both have recently taken plea deals with Powell pleading to six misdemeanors instead of the seven felonies she was initially charged with.  Ellis pleaded to one felony count of “aiding and abetting false statements and writings” instead of two felony charges, including Count 1, the racketeering charge.

The video obtained by ABC News shows Ellis in a proffer interview telling prosecutors that then-Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino told her that “the boss is not going to leave under any circumstances”  while at the White House Christmas party around December 19th, 2020.  In the interview, Ellis said:

“I emphasized to [inaudible] my thought that the claims and the ability to challenge the election results was essentially over because [cut] and he said to me in a kind of excited tone ‘we don’t care and we’re not gonna leave.'”

Ellis would go on nine days later to encourage President Trump never to concede.  On December 28th, 2020, Ellis tweeted “President Trump should never concede the election.”

As reported earlier Wednesday by The Gateway Pundit, a protective order to seal discovery items outside the public record today was heard in Fulton County.  During that hearing we discovered perhaps why the two high-profile criminal attorneys representing Fulton County in Favorito et al v. Wan et al withdrew: they are now representing one of the men indicted in the Trump RICO case.

But we also learned who released the proffer video to a media source.

Attorney Jonathan Miller, counsel for former Coffee County Elections Supervisor Misty Hampton, told Judge McAfee today in today’s hearing that he was responsible for sending that video to a news outlet and that he did so because Hampton believes in 100% transparency.

To be clear:  this was not illegal.  It was not a leak.  And these videos were not under any protective order.

We reached out to Misty Hampton’s counsel who told us:

“Providing the videos to the media allows for transparency for all Americans.  There is nothing illegal or improper unless there is a court order in place preventing it.”

But There’s More…

Initially, the Emergency Motion regarding the release of the proffer interview clips referenced an email sent by defendant Harrison Floyd’s attorneys saying “It was Harrison Floyd’s team” who released the clips.  A follow-up email was quickly sent clarifying the first email had a “typo” and that they did not communicate with the media.

The “typo” email was mentioned in the text of the Motion, however, the State only submitted the first email stating “It was Harrison Floyd’s team” in the Exhibits section and not the follow-up email saying that it was a typo.  This “cost time and aggravation” after fielding questions from the press over the email.  According to Floyd’s legal team, the press got the information and belief that Floyd’s team was responsible for the release from the State’s selective inclusion of only the first email in the filing:


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