SNAP: Naked Man Steals Las Vegas Cop Car From Officer (VIDEO)

A naked Las Vegas man who the cops were trying to apprehend got away and stole a police vehicle on Tuesday night.

Clyde Cabulisan, 29, stole a Ford F-150 from the police officer and led them on a five-mile chase. It finally ended after the suspect ran a red light and slammed into another vehicle.

Cabulisan is facing multiple charges including a DUI, robbery, and battery among other things. Ironically, it doesn’t appear he was charged with indecent exposure.

Fox News reported:

Video footage captured an aggressive nude man slipping out of a Las Vegas cop’s grasp and making off in his police cruiser on Tuesday.

Clyde Cabulisan, 29, would lead Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers on a 15-minute, five-mile chase in the stolen Metro Ford F-150 before running a red light and colliding with a Ford Explorer around 11:15 p.m.

Cabulisan now faces felony charges for robbery, driver disobeying a peace officer, endangering people and property and battery on a protected person.

He also faces misdemeanor charges for reckless driving, failing to stop at the scene of an accident and driving under the influence, according to Clark County Detention Center online records. No charges are listed for indecent exposure, however.


The man’s brother claimed he had a “mental breakdown,” as reported to local 3 News.

A driver that was nearby, captured the incident on video. He described it as: “It’s like real-life Grand Theft Auto.”

Unfortunately, it did not end well for the victims in the other vehicle.

There were two people in the car that were hit, a 43-year-old man and a 34-year-old female. They were in critical condition and had to be transported to the trauma unit at University Medical Center. The man suffered partial paralysis.

Clyde Cabulisan was injured too. He went to the hospital after the police booked him. He was arraigned on Thursday, but there is no current information on his plea.


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