Semi-Truck Plows Into Utah Car Dealership Causing Huge Blaze

An out-of-control semi-truck plowed into a car dealership in Tooele, Utah causing a huge blaze late Friday afternoon.

A spokesman from the Tooele Police Department Lt. Jeremy Hansen reported the semi-truck was driving on Main Street when it had a suspected break failure which prevented the big rig from stopping.

As the semi was out of control it plowed into five vehicles on Main Street and proceeded to crash into the Tooele Auto Dealership.

The semi slammed into a total of  27 vehicles on the dealership’s lot but eventually came to a halt after it crashed into the dealership’s main building which resulted in a major blaze.

A total of 11 people were injured in the accident and one person was airlifted for serious injuries.


Per ABC 4 News:

One person was seriously hurt and several others injured after a semi truck rolled out of control Friday down Main Street in Tooele, crashing into more than two dozen cars and starting a fire at an auto dealership.

Lt. Jeremy Hansen, a spokesperson for Tooele police, said the semi was rolling northbound on Main Street around 1:45 p.m. when an apparent brake failure prevented it from stopping.

The truck hit five vehicles as it careened through Main Street intersections before crashing into the Tooele Auto Mall on 1000 North Main. The truck damaged 27 vehicles in the dealership, and started a building on fire. Flames also spread to some of vehicles in the area.

The crash left 11 people injured and emergency crews brought most of them to an area hospital for treatment, Hansen said. One of the injured was airlifted to a Salt Lake City-area hospital in critical condition.

After fighting for the flames for over 30 minutes, firefighters were able to take down the blaze at the dealership and are now investigating the scene along with local police.

As of right now the driver of the big-rig is being questioned by the police but there is not signs the driver was impaired when the accident occurred.


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