Poll: 56 Percent Of Voters Believe Cheating Is Likely To Happen In 2024 Election

More than half of American voters expect the highly consequential 2024 presidential election to be marred with cheating and fraud and believe mail-in voting impedes election integrity, according to a recently conducted survey.

“How likely is it that the outcome of the 2024 presidential election will be affected by cheating?” Rasmussen Reports asked 1,029 voters on Nov. 13 to Nov. 15.

Fifty-six percent of respondents believe cheating is likely to affect the election results while 31 percent anticipate election fraud is “very likely” to skew the outcome.

Additionally, the survey found a majority of voters believe mail-in ballots facilitate voter fraud.

Fifty-one percent believe efforts by Biden and congressional Democrats to expand COVID-era voting will “lead to more cheating elections.”

Thirty-seven percent say election cheating is unlikely to affect the 2024 outcome while 16 percent consider it “Not At All Likely.”

The survey confirms partisans remain divided on the 2020 election results, however, 95 percent agree with the vague goal of ending election cheating.

Rasmussen found similar results in a survey conducted about election integrity over the summer.

In June, 54 percent of voters believed it was likely cheating would affect the election in 2024.

Across the nation, Republicans are urging state Legislatures to eliminate drop boxes and bar third parties from ballot harvesting, collecting huge numbers of completed ballots.

While Democrats claim election fraud is a myth, earlier this month a Connecticut Judge overturned the results of the Bridgeport mayoral primary and presented what he called “shocking” footage evidence of fraud.

Republicans also want to use software to match the signature on the mail-in ballot to the signature on the voter registration form.

Democrats claim election fraud is a myth and almost universally oppose these safeguards, calling them “voter suppression.

Yet, an illegal voting scheme in Bridgeport, Connecticut confirms the vulnerabilities with mail-in voting.

Earlier this month, Judge William Clark overturned the Bridgeport mayoral Democratic primary election, warning the video evidence of fraud is “shocking.”

Mayoral candidate John Gomes sued incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim over claims of absentee ballot fraud.

Ganim appeared to win the primary by 250 votes after a count of absentee ballots.

An 18-minute video exhibited in court showed 12 instances of the Democratic Town Committee and a former City Council member stuffing handfuls of ballots into a drop box outside City Hall.

On Nov. 2, in Springfield, Mass., city election officials busted mayoral candidate Justin Hurst for allegedly buying votes during early voting.

“Videotape shows individuals being dropped off in black Suburbans and Expeditions and entering City Hall to vote,” the New York Post reports. “When they exited, a man ‘takes out what appears to be a large bundle of cash’ and peels off a bill for each individual, Springfield Elections Commissioner Gladys Oyola-Lopez said in an affidavit.

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