PANIC: Former Obama Henchman David Axelrod Sends Message Strongly Suggesting Joe Biden Drop Out After Recent Poll Brings DEVASTATING News to Democrat Party

It appears the Democratic Party establishment is revving up to throw Old Joe under the bus.

The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila previously reported on a recent New York Times poll showing absolutely devastating numbers for the White House occupant. An ABC panel even speculated over whether Biden needs to be replaced.

The poll shows Donald Trump absolutely destroying Biden in 5 of the 6 states that will determine the 2024 Presidential election. Just take a look at these devastating numbers for Sleepy Joe.

progress with voters of color in the last election thanks in part to his strong management of the economy and Biden's racist history. Now minority voters have witnessed Biden's terrible failures as "president" and their views of him have plummeted further.

In addition to the bad horse race numbers and his issues with minorities, two-thirds of the NYT respondents said the country is moving in the wrong direction under Biden. Moreover, just 37% say they trusted Biden with the economy compared to Trump's 59%. Voters also prefer Trump on immigration, national security, and Israel.

Even if Biden was able to miraculously turn all these numbers around, he has no control over his greatest vulnerability: age. There is a decent chance Biden dies in office should he seize power for a second term. America will then be stuck with clumsy Kamala Harris.

Axelrod closes by essentially saying Biden running is neither putting America first or himself first. Message: if you love America and value your own health, Joe, get out now.


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