Muskegon Voter Fraud: Video Interrogation of GBI Strategies Official Released, Verifies Prior Gateway Pundit Reporting and Indicts Michigan AG Dana Nessel

In August, the Gateway Pundit exclusively reported on police reports that emerged from the City of Muskegon Michigan and from the Michigan State Police that documented 10,000-12,000 suspicious voter registration applications turned into City of Muskegon Clerk Ann Meisch.

These reports, and the fact they are ongoing, show that there was widespread, systemic, ongoing voter registration fraud in a major battleground state in the 2020 elections, and that major Democrats in Law Enforcement knew it. GBI Strategies was a huge part of the Biden machine.

Yet far-left zealots like Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel have repeatedly lied and said there was no voter fraud in the 2020 elections, and that the 2020 elections were the safest and most secure in American history.

The City of Muskegon stonewalled the Gateway Pundit from releasing public documents that would further reveal the extent of the cheating in the lead-up to the 2020 election. Michigan law enforcement kept lying to the Gateway Pundit and blaming the FBI for inaction.

But now, one enterprising citizen researcher from New Jersey, Yehuda Miller, has uncovered through the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, video that authorities previously suppressed from the Gateway Pundit where Michigan law enforcement officers are questioning an employee of GBI Strategies.

His discoveries also show that Dana Nessel, the Michigan State Police, and the Muskegon Police have been lying this entire time to the public and media that the investigation is ‘ongoing’ – as it was closed in the Spring of 2021 with no arrests.

Miller is a researcher and local businessman who was motivated to get more involved after the 2020 election. Miller has been sending out FOIA’s to document voter fraud, and especially to better document stories published by the Gateway Pundit.

Miller also posted the full 1:40 video from the GBI Interview here.

Miller exclusively told the Gateway Pundit that he has been slowly independently documenting the 2020 voter fraud across the country, and slowly saves up enough money to finance the next batch of documents requested. Miller said these video interrogation files came from a request to the Michigan Attorney General’s office, the same one that is lawlessly prosecuting 16 Trump electors from 2020 because they dared to believe and say that they thought there was likely systemic voter fraud in Michigan in the 2020 election.

Miller’s FOIA returns also explosively reveal that far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is a chronic liar.

far left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

Nessel personally knew about the voter fraud in Muskegon in October of 2020, because the privilege log shows that she personally authored a relevant email on the topic that was excluded from production in the FOIA response. A privilege log is a listing of files that a legal entity refuses to turn over because they might contain a relevant legal privilege. Here, enough evidence is captured by the privilege log to show that Dana Nessel has been chronically lying about the Muskegon voter fraud case.

Nessel lied about the Muskegon Voter Fraud case still being ‘open’ and ‘referred to the FBI’ as she stated this summer.

The documents reveal that the case was closed in the Spring of 2021. On March 30, 2021 there was a “memo to close Muskegon voter fraud case” and on May 7, 2021, another “Muskegon voter fraud memo to close”

Nessel potentially lied about this in order to prevent documents from this case from being disclosed to the public.

The Washington Post’s Sarah Ellison was recently calling several sources from TGP’s reporting on the Muskegon Voter Fraud case, probably to issue another fake ‘fact check’ to suppress true reporting via the fact check industrial complex. This array of left-leaning groups is where fact check outlets partner with the Newsguard group which aggregates fact check scores, which then enables far-left pressure groups to use the Newsguard ‘scores’ for media outlets to pressure advertisers against supporting conservative and alternative media. In this way, this left-wing pressure system effectively suppresses truthful stories that challenge dominant narratives most aggressively.

This powerful FOIA release shows the extent to which compliant mainstream media shamefully cooperates with government officials.

The attorneys in Nessel’s office told inquiring reporters the ‘investigation went nowhere’ even though the police report was very clear that more investigation was needed to make that determination.

There has always been substantial evidence of massive fraud in Michigan’s absentee ballots from 2020. And there is no way that the huge influx of voter registrations, statewide, on October 9th is normal or natural.

The emails also have a comical element. Pathetic fawning fake reporters like Craig Mauger of the Detroit News politely ask and genuflect for the government officials as to whether the Gateway Pundit reporting is accurate.

The press flaks from Nessel’s office, in this case Danny Wimmer, not only misstates the name of GBI Strategies as “GBI Solutions” but also misstates the number of fraudulent voter registration applications submitted as 8,000-10,000, when there were two drop-offs of suspicious applications in the police report, one of 2,500 and another one for 8,000-10,000, making the total 10,000-12,500.

Michigan blogger Craig Mugger

But of course the fake news reporters like Mauger never question or criticize the obviously lying government officials.

Fake Journalist Mauger did zero reporting on the Muskegon voter fraud, he just barfed back what he was spoonfed by the Attorney General’s office.

The Michigan Bureau of Elections didn’t find any fraudulent voter registrations created because it too didn’t bother looking.

Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch told the Gateway Pundit she could not talk because of the ongoing investigation, something these files was not accurate,

Meisch stopped the creation of GBI Strategies’ registrations, but then again they were so obviously false with similar handwriting and fake names:

Meisch contacted the Muskegon Police Department on GBI Strategies:

No one was prosecuted for this enormous voter fraud operation. No one investigated whether GBI Strategies used the same tactics in other parts of Michigan as they did in Muskegon.

The Muskegon Police looked into their little sliver of the case, and the Michigan State Police did a cursory look into the case, and both agencies filed their police reports and the rest was officially buried.

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