Jay Valentine: When Citizens Have Better Computer Technology Than Their Government – Minnesota Investigation finds 172,000+ Voter Issues

By Jay Valentine

For the first time in history, citizens have better computer technology than their government.

Today’s video of Minnesota voter rolls shows, using Fractal technology, that citizens can identify anomalies in government voter rolls that existed for over 100 years – eluding all the obsolete technology Minnesota could bring to bear.

Minnesota as at least 172,000 voter issues , via Omega4America

Particularly ERIC!

Voters living in UPS offices. Voters living in convenience stores. Voters living in an 800 square foot house with 15 other adult voters – which the health regulations would never allow – we show these in video after video.

In 2021, voter integrity teams in 12 states started using Fractal – and as you can see in today’s video – Minnesota – Fractal makes a mockery of the Minnesota voter rolls.

We now have in our grasp, the first example of citizens with far better technology – than their government.

We are embarking on a journey where in state after state, the Fractal team, joined by legislator groups – is showing the dreadful official voter roll pollution – with Fractal technology.

Mr. Secretary of State, you have 2,400 year old voters on your voter roll. Everyone knows it is dirty data or fraud. And when Fractal uncovers it, you lose your credibility if you continue to claim that you do not have dirty data.

If you, Ms. Secretary of State, deliver official records claiming active, registered voters voting from warehouses, convenience stores and vacant lots – you lose your credibility.

You cannot claim there is not fraud in your system – because you are blind to what your voters are discovering with Fractal.

Election integrity is a key issue for 2024.

Fractal and its friends are showing – beyond any doubt – in real-time analyses – voter rolls in every state are so open to fraud, the narrative of clean elections is no longer a credible position for a leader to cling to.

Before Fractal, “not knowing” was plausible. But that was 2020. Now, “pretending not to know” no longer works.

Fractal is causing that paradigm shift.

The Gartner Group, the world’s most prestigious technology analysis company, said the current tech stack – relational technology, SQL – is obsolete in 2025.

Fractal is showing – in video after video – that relational technology is obsolete now.

Obsolete technology – like obsolete security systems – becomes the playground for activists to manipulate voter rolls for their benefit.

Real-time monitoring – as we show with Fractal – shuts that down!

For the first time in history – a technology exists that can STOP VOTER ROLL FRAUD BEFORE

Secretaries of State all use relational technology – which is 1980s compute technology.

National voter integrity orgs – funded by millions of dollars for huge salaries, all use relational technology. Of course they do! If they stopped voter roll fraud, they would go out of existence!

Who today has a 1980s phone?

Who today drives a 1980s car?

Who today uses a 1980s computer?

Yet, the future of America is being administered by Secretaries of State saddled with obsolete, illiterate computers, using a technology older than most people’s home.

Now that large groups of citizens are aware of the broken systems that the Secretaries are stuck with, these Secretaries of State will become a hot focus in 2024.

They can become credible, highly regarded public servants, or they can fall into the category of inept enablers of a fraud-ridden status quo that voters now can see is infested with dirty data!

Today, we offer Minnesota.

Texas from Omega 4 America on Vimeo.

Next week, Kansas.

Then Georgia, Texas, Nevada, Alaska, Wisconsin, Alabama and a dozen other states – showing voter rolls are fraught with anomalous data – and even new relational, SQL systems, like in Alabama – are engineered to miss what Fractal finds – with one click!

Fractal makes the claim, and we are prepared to defend it, that if the voter rolls of these states were the certified financial statements of a Fortune 500 corporation – under Sarbanes Oxley rules, the Secretary of State could go to prison for signing off on them!

Are voter rolls less sacred than Fortune 500 financial statements?

Send these, and subsequent videos, to your elected officials and demand they perform a FRACTAL VOTER ROLL AUDIT. LET’S SEE WHAT’S IN THOSE OFFICIAL VOTER ROLLS – HIDING FOR DECADES!

The RNC, the super-funded national voter integrity groups are fighting Fractal at every step.
They do not want Fractal in your hands, or they lose control.

Help us fight back!

If you are running for office in 2024, make FRACTAL VOTER ROLL AUDITS part of your platform.

Contact us at Omega4America.com and we might have voter roll ammo for you – we are currently running the data for 26 states.

If you are running for Secretary of State in 2024, give us a shout – we may be able to show how out-of-date your current office holder has let your state’s voter rolls become – can be a great campaign ad!

Join us here, at Gateway Pundit, where “conspiracy theories” continue to prove to be true, as we apply BETTER TECHNOLOGY THAN THE GOVERNMENT to open the truth about dirty voter rolls.

If you think Minnesota is bad, wait till you see Texas.

If you think Texas is bad, wait till you see Georgia. Maybe Ohio or Nevada is even worse.

With Fractal videos – you can decide!


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