“I’d Like to See Them Shot in the Head” – Irish Immigrant Politician Calls for the Execution of Irishmen Who Protested the Stabbing of the Three Children by an Algerian National

Credit: Cian Reinhardt

An immigrant politician from the city of Limerick at a council meeting this week called for the execution of the individuals involved in last week’s Dublin protests.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, five people, including children, were stabbed near a school in Dublin, Ireland, last Thursday by an Algerian immigrant. Ordinary Irish citizens who were tired of seeing their elected officials pushing open borders and coddling immigrant criminals responded with mass rioting.

The Limerick Post revealed that Limerick City and County Council (LCCC) member Abu Kalam Azad Talukder, who immigrated from Bangladesh in 2000, responded with genuinely sick comments on Monday. He called the people involved in the protests “criminals” who should be “shot in the head.”

I strongly believe that this is not the face of Ireland. This is just some criminals looting the shops. I don’t think they follow any ideological purpose. They come to the streets and just rob. They should get punishment.

“Not even an animal does these kinds of things. It is very shameful and they should get public punishment.

“I’d like to see them shot in the head or bring the public in and beat them until they die.”


Radical Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and his fellow quislings in government have not responded to Talukder’s evil remarks. He did have plenty to say to the Irish people are fed up with dangerous migrants as the Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila previously reported.

“I really would ask people to try and avoid connecting crime with migration. It’s not right,” Varadkar said. He added that “a few” migrants will commit “terrible crimes,” just as some Irish people commit crimes.

Varadkar also vowed to pass new laws against “hatred ” following the riots. The real purpose, of course, is to shut down the type of free speech he despises.

“We will pass new laws in the coming weeks to enable the Gardai (police) to make better use of the CCTV evidence they collected yesterday, and also we will modernize our laws against incitement to hatred and hatred in general,” Varadkar told a news conference on Friday.

They have already begun their crackdown even without new laws. Legendary MMA fighter and Irishman Conor McGregor is under investigation after weighing in on the evil attack on these innocent children and calling out Irish government officials.

It is a safe bet that Talukder will not be subject to the same sort of inquisition because he is part of the protected class and the type of “Irishman” Varadkar wants. He may receive an award from the Irish government at some point as well.


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