HOW WE WIN IN 2024… EXCLUSIVE from Jay Valentine: Can ERIC System Clean Voter Rolls? Fractal Brings the Receipts

I you care about voter integrity please pass this on to your lawmakers and local political leaders.

We can catch the phantom voters. We will do this in 2024.

Fractal brings the receipts!

The Fractal team, working with legislators and citizen groups in 26 states, is merging voter/ballot roll data with property tax rolls, known addresses, FEC data and scores of other data sources – at 200 million transactions per second.

This is the largest collection of real time voter records, some dating back to 1996, in the world.

We were asked “Can ERIC clean voter rolls?”

Today we release, on the Gateway Pundit, the first of several videos of ERIC states.

Today’s video is of Texas and Minnesota – both ERIC states.

The Texas voter roll is from 2020 – when Texas used ERIC.  The Minnesota voter roll is current – with voter roll snapshots on different dates.

Thus, everything Fractal demonstrates was MISSED BY ERIC.

Watch the videos to see the receipts!

As you watch each video, you will see ERIC missed the most obvious types of possible phantom voter roll infestation.

You will see this in greater detail in every state for whom we are releasing a video in the coming weeks.

The analysis we show today is scratching the surface of what Fractal can find.

Over the next three weeks we are publishing deep analysis of the Georgia ballot rolls in 2020 and their current state.

The Georgia Fractal system has over 100 million records, 19 voter roll snapshots, voter histories back to 1996, 2020 daily ballot histories, operating at silicon speed, in one of the largest and fastest real-time parallel processing database systems ever built.

With one click, a user can connect any ballot to any address, to any voter, to the property tax record, dating back to 1996 – from a phone!

** Fractal tracks ineligible voters, ensuring they are not surreptitiously made eligible, by a four letter NGO with access to Georgia election systems, then voted, and later taken off the Georgia voter roll. 

Try that in 2024 and Fractal shuts it down – day one!

The unprecedented visibility Fractal delivers stops government actors from nefarious actions in voter rolls – because now we see everything – as you will learn from this video series.

When citizens have BETTER, FASTER technology than the government, it shifts the art of the possible

For 2024, Fractal enables the good guys to track every cast ballot in Georgia and every voter – in real time – making sure people who vote from Walmarts, convenience stores, UPS boxes and banks are flagged before they vote – or their ballot flagged before it is counted.

It’s time to get REAL TIME for 2024 – and quit litigating, and losing, after the voter fraud happens!

The Georgia system is so comprehensive, we release multiple Georgia videos – the first coming in three weeks.

Working with Georgia teams for the last few months, we brought together daily ballot tracking, tied to addresses, cross-checked against property tax rolls and other databases provided by Georgia county governments.

We thank Georgia county governments for their unprecedented cooperation in providing the largest property tax roll database in the country.

As you will see in today’s video, in Minnesota and Texas, ERIC is close to useless in finding people who are likely phantoms.

ERIC is what Georgia uses to “clean” its voter rolls.  Wait till Fractal shows all America what ERIC missed in Georgia!

We are releasing videos of Texas, Kansas, Minnesota early to educate Gateway Pundit readers to how Fractal is shifting the art of the possible.

Issues with Texas voter rolls – 3% of the total registered voters.
Issues with Texas voter rolls – 3% of the total registered voters.

We are publishing voter roll analysis videos for Alaska, Alabama, Missouri, Kansas, Nevada, Wisconsin, Utah, Oregon, Ohio, Florida, California, Texas current, Minnesota detailed, Mississippi, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

All videos will be on our web site  introduced via the Gateway Pundit.

Welcome to Texas and Minnesota:

Here is the first video release – with several more states to come!

Texas from Omega 4 America on Vimeo.

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