GROSS! Virginia Democrat Candidate Records Herself Peeing in Public and Posts It Online (VIDEO)

What is going on with the Democrats in Virginia?

First, it came out that Susanna Gibson, the Democrat candidate running for Virginia’s House of Delegates against Republican David Owen, posted sex acts with her husband online dubbed “HotWifeExperience” – while soliciting ‘tips’ from their online audience.

The 40-year-old mother of 2 who is running for a seat in the 57th district in suburban Richmond, reportedly used a platform called Chaturbate to stream sex acts with her husband in exchange for ‘tokens.’

Gibson also live-streamed videos so users could watch her urinate!

“Gibson talked about forcing unsuspecting hotel staff to take part in her porn, allowing viewers to do drugs off her body, and she solicited money on live-streamed videos so users could “watch me pee.”” GOP operative Steve Guest said.

Now this…

Jessica Anderson, the far-left Democrat running as Delegate for the 71st District of Virginia, which includes the City of Williamsburg and parts of James City and New Kent Counties, recorded herself peeing in public and posted it to TikTok.

Anderson, 41, is the Democrat nominee for the Virginia House of Delegates. Let that sink in.

“Avoid yellow snow,” Anderson said as she recorded herself urinating in public.


Jessica Anderson defended urinating in public and posting the video with the creepy narration to TikTok.

“Since the right wing trolls and employees of the VA-GOP don’t like to show full context, I’ll help them out. Here’s my video of one of many fun running vlogs I made to bring joy and laughter to others. I was over a mile from a restroom and these are the realities of runners,” Anderson said.

So it is also necessary to film it and post it online?? This woman is 41 years old!

The Virginia Project also posted a video of Jessica Anderson cringe-dancing in an eggplant outfit.


Jessica Anderson is a radical pro-abortion leftist (and likely a raging narcissist) who doesn’t believe parents should have any control over school curriculum.

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