Facebook Already Censoring Nashville Shooter’s Alleged Manifesto for Violating ‘Community Standards’

Well that didn’t take long, did it?

After Steven Crowder shared portions of the alleged manifesto of Nashville shooter Audrey Hale on various forms of social media, Facebook responded by censoring the content.

Powerful forces on the left obviously do not want the public to see this information.

RedState reports:

Facebook Censors Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto for Violating ‘Community Standards’

Portions of writings purportedly penned by Audrey Hale, the mass shooter who killed six people at a Christian school in Nashville, TN, were obtained by Steven Crowder’s team, who subsequently published the contents of her diary.

Crowder shared the details of the shooter’s writings on various social media platforms, including Facebook, which decided to censor the document, citing its Community Standards on violence and incitement. Crowder wrote a post on X with a screenshot showing Facebook’s censorship of the documents.

The writings, which are being referred to as Hale’s “manifesto,” were found on the shooter after the tragic shooting. So far, federal investigators in possession of the writings have withheld them from the public despite Freedom of Information Act requests and legal pressure. The school itself sought to block the release of the killer’s writings, which also include a “final video” that she recorded before carrying out the attack.

See Crowder’s tweet below.

There are apparently issues with Google as well.

Do the people who are trying to block this information realize that they are only making the public more determined to see it?

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