Enormous Development: Colorado Prosecutors Caught in Major Lie in Court Case to Remove President Trump from Ballot – With Video Evidence

Democrats were up to their old tricks again on Monday.

The Democrat Party’s radical far-left attorneys in Colorado delivered their opening statement to toss President Trump from the ballot in the state.

During their opening remarks, the Trump-hating attorneys shared two clips of President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse to a million supporters on January 6, 2021.

They insist President Trump started a violent riot. But they refused to play video of his statement calling on his supporters to peacefully march to the US Capitol.

But that’s not all.

The prosecuting attorneys also lied about their timeline of events they showed the court on Monday.

The attorneys misrepresented the time stamps on the videos they played in court – not by minutes but by hours!

The prosecutors claimed the speech by Treniss Evans on the US Capitol Steps took place at 2:24 PM on Jan. 6.

The speech by J6 defendant Treniss Evans actually took place at 4:22 PM not at 2:24 PM!  — TWO FULL HOURS LATER!

The Democrats are trying everything to get President Trump thrown off of the ballot in Colorado.

They are even falsifying video footage and timestamps!

This is perjury – and it took place in their opening statements!


J6 defendant Treniss Evans wrote the response to the latest set of lies by the Colorado prosecuting attorneys in their opening statement!

Treniss Evans has already been bludgeoned by the January 6th “Un-Select” Committee in Washington DC. During their hearings, they slandered his image and actions, implying he was involved in what they call an “insurrection.”

The committee played video footage showing Evans repeating a tweet posted by President Trump over his megaphone at the steps of the US Capitol. This footage provided a time stamp that was falsified in order to push the narrative of unhinged Democrats and Liz Cheney.

This suffering of character assassination came during a time when Evans was worried about the safety of his family and dealing with the struggles of his 13-year old son who had been held at gunpoint by the FBI in an early morning raid on the Evans household.

Now this week, Evans is again being used in falsified video for the propagated lies prosecutors are pushing in Colorado against President Trump. These videos are the same debunked videos that the J6 committee used. The time stamps are again fraudulent, not by seconds or minutes, but by hours. This case is unprecedented as it is the first time the 14th Amendment has been used to try and keep a candidate for President off the ballot. Colorado prosecutors are seemingly not above using falsified evidence to get this agenda of the left completed.

This side-show trial against Trump has been aired live on media outlets all over the world where Evans’ image is seen and his voice is heard. It’s abundantly clear there is no concern for Evans and his family as these prosecutors drudge up another round of character assassination on him. The only thing these prosecutors care about is getting Trump off the ballot, and they are willing to hurt anyone who is in the way.

Working through the borage of leftist backlash, attacks on fellow J6ers, and even death threats, Evans perseveres while he brings awareness to the American people. Condemned USA is a company that is working to help J6 defendants and others fight this tyrannical government that is coming after them. He can’t do it alone. There is no time like right now to help Evans and CondemnedUSA.com in this fight. The corrupt DOJ is now coming after you too. When they come knocking on, or in many cases breaking down your door, who will be there to help you? Who will fight these prosecutors who have no problem falsifying evidence and outright lying? Evans and CondemnedUSA.com might be the only one standing up for you. Be aware they ARE coming for you. Treniss Evans, the J6 defendants, and President Trump were only the beginning, and it is naive to think that they haven’t moved to the middle of their plan…You.

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