’Defender of Democracy’ Zelensky Rules Out Holding Wartime Elections Under Martial Law

Hailed by Globalists as a real ‘hero of the democracy’, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed as ‘irresponsible’ the idea of holding an election in wartime, as the discussion has arisen as to whether Kyiv should be voting under martial law.

Zelensky, who has already banished opposition parties and enacted a gargantuan censorship, is now calling for unity to avoid ‘pointless’ political discussion.

His comments were widely interpreted as ruling a vote to – that his sponsors would like to see, in a bid to demonstrate some measure of democratic credentials.

Martial law was declared in the country at the start of the war with Russia in February 2024. It prohibits authorities from holding elections, but there has been considerable pressure at home and abroad about a potential poll in March 2024.

Reuters reported:

“In his nightly video address, Zelensky said it was critical to concentrate on the military challenges facing Ukraine as it tries to push out Russian forces occupying nearly one-fifth of its land more than 20 months after launching their invasion.

‘We all understand that now, in wartime, when there are many challenges, it is utterly irresponsible to engage in topics related to an election in such a frivolous manner’, he said.

‘We need to recognize that this is a time for defense, a time for battle, upon which the fate of the state and its people depend… I believe that elections are not appropriate at this time’.”

Oh, really?

Zelensky previously stated that he would be prepared to hold the vote ‘if Ukraine secured the assistance’ it needed.

But now there is what appears to be a rift in the country’s leadership, after the Ukraine’s top commander Zaluzhny declared that the war had come to a ‘stalemate’ – an interpretation which Zelensky denied.

“On Monday, Zelensky said that if it proved necessary to end divisive talk, there were state structures ‘capable of making those decisions and providing all the necessary answers to society’. He also said it was vital the state’s institutions were fully behind the war effort ‘and not on paving stones or street repairs’.”

The Hill reported:

“Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska said in September that she did not know whether her husband would run for reelection in 2024. She also said at the time that the country’s ability to organize a free and fair election could factor into whether he would run for a second term.

‘It will also depend whether our society would need him as a president, if he will feel that Ukrainian society will no longer wish him to be the president, he will probably not run’, Zelenska said at the time. ‘But I will support him whatever decision he takes’.”

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