Climate Activists Narcissistically Make U.K’s Remembrance Sunday About Themselves

Image: Video Screenshot @JustStop_Oil/X

The environmental wackos from Just Stop Oil are back at it.

Taking a break from damaging priceless works of art, on Sunday, the group tried to once again block traffic in London during one of their customary “slow march” protests that disrupt the community.

The group chose Remembrance Sunday for their latest stunt.

Remembrance Day is held each November in the U.K. to honor and remember the thousands of servicemen and women who lost their lives in service to their nation from World War I to the present day. On the Sunday closest to November 11, events and expressions of appreciation, gratitude and honor happen around the country.

But leave it to the eco-zealots to find a way to take a day meant to honor the fallen about themselves.

The Daily Mail reports:

Police officers arrived at the scene shortly after the march started at 4pm and began shoving activists out of the road, according to the group. The Metropolitan Policesaid that 25 arrests have so far been made for disruption to the main carriageway.

Footage from the scene shows one frustrated commuter on an electric scooterploughing into one of the signs being carried by the group before furiously discarding it to the side of the road and driving off.

Another video shows a furious van driver attempt to get past the eco-zealots as they stood in the middle of the road at a set of traffic lights, while other enraged motorists honked their horns in frustration.

The group predictably took to social media to whine about the consequences of there actions.

The Gateway Pundit reported on a prior Just Stop Oil public tantrums when they once again targeted roadways in the UK causing headaches and heartaches. 

One motorist shared how these public tantrums have real-world consequences for citizens just trying to live their lives.  The road blockage caused him to miss his father’s funeral.

In a radio interview he shared,”By doing this, this civil disruption, you don’t raise people to your cause. You actually alienate yourselves on this. But there’s nothing we could have done. But someone that I don’t know has taken that ability for me to say goodbye to my father away from me. And I actually said a few choice words, as I mentioned, on their Twitter page.”

“Nothing’s come back saying ‘we’re sorry so terribly sorry for what happened.’ And if they did, I would tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Because frankly, there’s nothing that these people can say to make it any better in my eyes. And I will never, ever, forgive these people for what they have done to me.”


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