BREAKING: Fulton County, Georgia Attorneys Resign – Reportedly Related to Conflicts

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Georgia mail-in ballots

Two Fulton County attorneys resigned on Thursday, who may have been involved in the 2020 Election, including the case where VoterGA has requested the ability to look at some absentee ballots that were identified in the county during a recount that appeared to be all copies for Joe Biden.

The VoterGA lawsuit has been caught up in the courts for years.

The case went to the Georgia Supreme Court and last Christmas 2022, the Supreme Court ruled that VoterGA had the right to review these ballots. However, the Georgia Appellate Court is dragging its feet and will not move this case down to the lower court where this action can take place.

Why are they stalling?  Is it because the ballots are copies and it will prove that the election in Georgia was indeed won by President Trump?

On Thursday, it was reported that two Fulton County attorneys have resigned.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Donald F. Samuel and Amanda R. Clark Palmer have motioned to withdraw themselves from this case.

Per our source on the ground, it is because the attorneys have conflicts. This is a developing story.


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