BREAKING! Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Lawless MI AG Nessel for Refusing To File Charges In Muskegon Fraudulent Voter Reg. Operation, Using Her Position to Punish Political Enemies and Protect Dem Treasurer From Prosecution

Michigan lawmakers have filed a Resolution to Impeach MI AG Dana Nessel.

This afternoon, some of Michigan’s most courageous lawmakers, Republican State Rep. James DeSana introduced articles of impeachment today in a House resolution co-sponsored by Neil Friske (R- 107th District), Joseph Fox (R- 101st District), Rachelle Smit (R-43rd District), Matt Maddock (R-51st District), Steve Carra (R-36th District), Josh Schriver (R-66th District), Angela Rigas (R-79th District).

“The House of Representatives has the sole power of impeaching civil officers for corrupt conduct in office.

Attorney General Nessel has clearly breached the ethical standards of conduct of the office of attorney general,” said DeSana.

Representative DeSana introduced three articles of impeachment in his resolution.

Included in their resolution are three articles:

Article I states that Nessel violated her Constitutional Oath of office by failing to faithfully discharge the duties of her office by failing to charge any of the individuals responsible for forging and filing fraudulent voter registrations in Muskegon.

Article I outlines how MI AG Dana Nessel failed to satisfy her duties and abused her position as Attorney General. She has failed to charge individuals responsible for “clearly fraudulent” voter registration applications uncovered in a joint investigation involving her office in October 2020.

On August 8, 2023, The Gateway Pundit broke a story based on a Michigan State Police (MSP) report that involved an investigation into a statewide fraudulent voter registration ring that began in Muskegon by the Muskegon Police Department in October 2020.  The MSP report was given to the Gateway Pundit journalist Patty McMurray by Phil O’Halloran, a respected voter integrity activist and Director of Election Integrity with the MIGOP.  ,

Although the MSP report was initiated one month before the 2020 election, Michigan’s top law enforcement official, AG Dana Nessel, and Michigan’s top election official, SOS Jocelyn Benson, who are both Democrats, never mentioned the investigation to the public. Even more curious, according to clerks across Michigan and Rep. Ann Bollin, Chair of the House Election Integrity Committee, the clerks and members of the MI State legislature were never informed of the investigation or told to be on the lookout for mass mailings of fraudulent voter registrations coming from a hotel in Auburn Hills, MI.

The investigation was eventually turned over to the FBI in 2022, as the FBI claimed the MSP and Muskegon Police Department’s investigation into a statewide voter registration ring in Michigan appeared to involve multiple states.

Even more troubling than AG Nessel and SOS Benson never mentioning the statewide investigation into voter registration fraud, no charges were filed against those involved, even though the MSP report shows SOS Investigator Corey Ames and the Muskegon Police Department detective concluding that at least 18 of the registration applications they sampled were “clearly fraudulent.”

Our original report included many of the details about the alleged fraudulent voter registration ring, including disturbing items found inside rented office space in Southfield, MI,  that was used by GBI Strategies (allegedly owned and operated at the time by Gary Bell). Inside the room were burner phones, pre-paid and reloadable cards used to pay employees, semi-automatic rifles with suppressors, and modified pistols. On a whiteboard in the room where the guns were found, the heading “Hot Topics” appeared. Under the heading, the words “weapons in the field, prepared for shifts” were found.

Police officers found guns, silencers, pre-paid cash cards, and burner phones in the GBI Strategies office.


Why would GBI Strategies, a group given tens of millions by leftist PACs and hired to work on behalf of the Joe Biden and US Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) campaigns, need “weapons in the field?” 

Should MI residents have been warned about the potential danger of a voter registration group leaving rifles with suppressors and modified pistols in a rented room? If GBI Strategies was funded by Republican PACs instead of leftist groups working to elect Democrats, would these findings have been kept hidden from the public, or would it have become a front-page story across America about how lethal weapons were found in a statewide voter fraud registration operation by right-wing extremists in Michigan?

Later in the MSP report, it was suggested that the guns belonged to the gentleman on the Zoom call with whom they spoke during the office raid. We believe it’s very possible the middle-aged black male who was on the Zoom call was Gary Bell, and according to the police report, the owner of the guns was in Iowa at the time of the raid. The ATF (magically) cleared the firearms, even though they were left unattended and the owner was out of state at the time they were discovered. According to MI law, the “modified pistols” found in the room inside a Pelican case should not have been left anywhere other than a locked safe belonging to the owner.

After we received the Muskegon Police report, the Gateway Pundit discovered that one of the young women working for GBI Strategies/Empower MI told investigators that it’s possible one of the workers may have transferred the case of guns to other offices without knowing since all of their “voter registration” equipment was moved from office to office in similar type cases.

NOW WE HAVE PROOF! TGP EXCLUSIVE: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan – Including Estimated “800,000 Ballot Applications Sent to Non-Qualified Voters” – Bags of Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Guns with Silencers, Burner Phones, and a Democrat-Funded Organization with Multiple Temporary Facilities in Several States

The Muskegon Police report that we later obtained from election integrity activist Braden Giacobazzi helped us to tie up some loose ends found in the MSP report; for instance, one of the subjects they interviewed revealed that GBI Strategies was inputting the voter’s personal information from the forms either the voter filled out or they helped them to fill out, into their own database. The subject of the investigation, who was hired by GBI Strategies to work with Empower MI, claims the company was using the employee’s names and information to open up accounts. She said that she had heard about “offshore accounts!”

Article II alleges “malfeasance of office and malicious prosecution of the 16 Michigan Republican Electors.”

The second article refers to AG Nessel charging 16 MI GOP electors who cast an alternate slate of electoral votes for President Trump in 2020 with 8 felonies each. All but two of the electors are senior citizens, and many live on fixed incomes. After the DOJ refused to take the case against the electors, and the Ingham County Prosecutor called her case against them “weak,” AG Dana Nessel plowed through with her plans to charge her political enemies with charges that if she were successful in proving, would amount to life sentences for many of them.

From the Resolution to Impeach Dana Nessel:

She has also filed felony charges against 16 individuals who signed a “Certificate of the Votes of the 2020 Electors from Michigan” and purported to cast ballots as Electors for the Republican nominees for President and Vice President when her own statements indicate that the specific intent element of the crimes charged, the intent to defraud, cannot be proven; now, therefore, be it Resolved by the House of Representatives that, Dana M. Nessel, Attorney General of the state of Michigan, is impeached for corrupt conduct in office. The following Articles of Impeachment are adopted by the House of Representatives and shall be exhibited to the Senate.

On July 18, 2023, when AG Nessel announced the charges against the 16 MI GOP alternate electors, she made clear the crux of her case was based on the fact that the electors knew Trump had lost the election by the time they cast their alternate slate of electoral votes for him, but they did it anyhow.


But on Sept 22, AG Nessel was a guest at a liberal online event, where she completely negated her own charges against the electors. When Nessel was asked about the MI GOP electors she’s charged with 8 felonies each, she foolishly replied that the electors were convinced that President Trump won the 2020 election. “They legit believe that,” she told them, adding that “Ingham County, where Lansing is located, is a very, very liberal county,” suggesting that there is no way the Republican electors can get a fair trial, essentially admitting that the electors will have a very difficult time winning their case because of the “very, very liberal district” where she chose to have them tried.

Following Nessel’s idiotic remarks, lawyers for two of the 16 MI GOP alternate electors, Cliff Frost and Mari-Ann McHenry, filed motions to dismiss their client’s cases over the comments made by Dana Nessel during the Zoom meeting. But on Oct. 6, Governor Gretchen Whitmer appointed Judge Kristen D. Simmons, who earned a Juris Doctor from  Thomas M. Cooley Law School, one of the worst-rated law schools in America, ruled that AG Nessel’s comments were “speculation” and were not enough evidence to dismiss the case.

Ingham Co. District Court Judge Kristen D. Simmons

The Gateway Pundit broadcast a national telethon sponsored by the M9 PMi9 PMchigan Conservative Coalition (MCC) on September 5 to raise funds for the legal defense of 15 of the 16 MI GOP alternate electors.

ANNOUNCING: Michigan Telethon to Raise Funds for 16 Alternate Electors Who Crooked Dana Nessel Wants to Jail – Tuesday 10 AM-9PM Live on Gateway Pundit

The Save the Electors Telethon, which featured some of the top conservative heavy-hitters in America, including Steve Bannon, Newt Gingrich, Hollywood Producer and Actor Nick Searcy, former AZ Governor candidate Kari Lake, Trump Attorney John Eastman, was a huge hit and to date, has raised just under $156,000 on a GiveSendGo account that is now under investigation by the same lawless AG who charged the electors with 8 felonies each.  The funds are being shared equally between the lawyers of 15 of the 16 electors who are funding their own legal defense.

Former Trump Attorney John Eastman, who is also under indictment for the crime of defending President Trump, outlines why it’s so essential Americans refuse to cower to the far left, which is using lawfare to threaten and intimidate conservatives from speaking out against a tyrannical government. During his appearance on the Save the Elector’s Telethon, Eastman warned how Democrats like AG Nessel are targeting middle-class individuals with a goal to financially devastate them and wipe out their life’s savings for daring to question the outcome of one of the most highly contentious elections in our nation’s history:

Shortly after the fundraiser aired, it was revealed that AG Nessel’s office had issued the Christian crowdfunding source Give Send Go, which was used to help raise funds for the primarily senior citizen electors, a search warrant asking for information on contributions, bank routing numbers and communications tied to 10 of the MI GOP alternate electors who used the crowdfunding site to raise funds for their legal defense.

According to the Detroit News, the search warrant was signed by Ingham County District Court Judge Cynthia Ward on August 29.

Judge Cynthia Ward, who signed Dana Nessel’s search warrant to obtain the Give Send Go records related to fundraising for the legal funds of MI GOP electors accused by Nessel, moved to Lansing, Michigan, in 2002 to join the faculty at Cooley Law School. Cooley Law School is consistently listed as one of the worst law schools in America, ranking #192 for Constitutional law out of 196 law schools.

According to documents obtained by The Detroit News, the three-page search warrant doesn’t indicate how the fundraising might violate Michigan law, and it comes after Nessel’s office sought to prevent the public release of search warrant documents in another high-profile investigation in Ingham County. The search warrant in the elector cases says the details “will assist with the ongoing investigation” into election law forgery, forgery of a public record, conspiracy, and uttering and publishing.

According to a report from Howard Shock, special agent for the Attorney General’s Criminal Investigation Division, he began investigating the fundraising efforts of the false electors on July 20 to “determine if it was lawful.”

Shock wrote that he learned from a post on social media that two of the false electors, Meshawn Maddock of Milford and Marian Sheridan of West Bloomfield, were benefiting from a Give Send Go page collecting contributions.

On July 19, a day after the charges were announced, Shock sent a preservation letter to Twitter, now known as X, to “preserve evidence” from the account “ExtremeMichigan,” which had flagged the fundraising by Maddock and Sheridan, according to his report.

In a letter to Give Send Go on August 3, AG Nessel investigator Howard Shock warned Give Send Go: “You are also requested not to disclose the existence of this request to the subscriber or any other person, other than as necessary to comply with this request.

There is plenty of evidence that proves AG Nessel had no case against the electors, like quotes the Gateway Pundit received from two of the MI GOP electors, former MI GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock and MI GOP Grassroots Director and Lakes Area Tea Party President Marian Sheridan, on the same day they attempted to cast their alternate slate of electors, that they weren’t trying to violate any of the laws AG Nessel accused them of breaking.

The Republican Electors convened on the morning of December 14, where they successfully cast their votes for Donald J. Trump. When they got to the Capitol building to deliver their votes to the MI Senate floor, they were blocked by the MI State Police.

Patty McMurray spoke with two of the alternate GOP electors, Marian Sheridan and Meshawn Maddock, who both explained they were “not trying to circumvent anything” or “removing any electors” but instead, were casting their alternate slate of electoral votes because they “believe fraud happened,” adding if they “can’t prove fraud, then the vote stays for Biden.” While outside the Capitol, Sheridan said, they just wanted to “be prepared” in case “voter fraud is proven.”

Republican Elector and Women For Trump Board member Meshawn Maddock told us, “We are not removing any electors. We are instead, sending Trump Republican Electors alongside the Democrat Electors,” adding, “This needed to be done. We’re not trying to circumvent anything.”

Marian Sheridan explained, “We have to do this because we believe fraud happened. But if we can’t prove fraud, then the vote stays for Biden.”Sheridan said, “There’s no harm in sending two sets of Electors; in the event that voter fraud is proven, we just want to be prepared.”

Meshawn Maddock explained, “It would be unwise not to do this because given the gravity of what we’ve seen so far, as it relates to voter fraud.”

Possibly as a way to prevent the GOP electors from casting their ALTERNATE slate of electoral votes for President Trump, the MI Capitol was suddenly closed to the public. 

Independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager captured footage of the front of the Capitol, where protesters gathered. Along with the video, he tweeted:

Outside the Michigan State Capitol, currently closed to the public after officials say there were “credible threats of violence” as the Electoral College meets today to vote on the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Gutenschwager posted a second video showing a group of GOP Electors for Donald Trump arriving at Michigan’s Capitol building in Lansing, MI.

According to Gutenschwager, the Electors were already checked in but were prohibited from entering the Capitol by MI State Police officers.

He tweeted: “The Electors are already here, they’ve been checked in.” Michigan State Police are blocking access to the Capitol, preventing the GOP Electors from getting inside

In another video, a MI State Police officer can be seen discussing the blockage of Electors. A lawyer who was present with the group of electors explained that the GOP electors are there “trying to perform their constitutional duty.” The MI State Police officer explained that if they have a problem, they should contact Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer or the Republican Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield or Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey.

*The original version of the article included a reference to a lawyer representing the electors. He has since clarified that he was not representing the electors at the MI Capitol.

When AG Nessel charged the 16 MI GOP electors, who cast an alternate slate of electoral votes for President Trump in 2020, she was fully aware of a multi-state fraudulent voter registration investigation that was initiated in the state of Michigan by the MI State Police and Muskegon Police Department one month before the 2020 election. 

It’s been three years since the statewide investigation into a potentially nationally coordinated registration fraud scheme, and curiously, neither SOS Benson nor AG Nessel have discussed the investigation with the media. Furthermore, according to our sources, the investigation was also hidden from MI Clerks and the MI House Elections Committee.

The image below is a screenshot of a post on a Facebook page for MI Clerks by Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch that was shared with The Gateway Pundit by a whistleblower.  The Muskegon city clerk contacted the Muskegon Police Department after she received thousands of voter registration applications from the same address and in person from a single individual, who has yet to be charged with one felony for delivering multiple fraudulent voter registration applications to the Muskegon clerk’s office.

Following the 2020 election, multiple lawsuits were filed by citizens and lawyers. The lawsuits were either denied by judges for “lack of standing” or were still pending when the electors cast their alternate slate.  Instead of investigating actual evidence of voter fraud in Michigan, the George Soros-funded MI SOS Jocelyn Benson and her close friend and fellow Democrat AG Dana Nessel mocked MI citizens who dared to suggest the election results were inaccurate or the elections were not secure.

When AG Nessel takes a break from finding ways to persecute her political enemies, she can look into why US Postal workers in Detroit delivered stacks of absentee ballots into drop boxes intended for citizens, violating the US Postal rules for workers.

Article Ill involves a serious conflict of interest in a fraud investigation of one of the Attorney Generals friends. A conflict wall was established within the department of the attorney general that AG Nessel ignored and clearly violated by communicating with the individual being investigated for fraud about the AG department’s information regarding the case.

Three weeks ago, investigative reporter Charlie LeDuff exposed yet another AG Nessel scandal that reveals how Nessel allegedly used her position of power to help a political ally and friend, Traci Kornak, a personal injury lawyer, a member of Nessel’s 2018 transition team, and the MI Democratic Party treasurer.

Charlie LeDuff of the Detroit News was fired only a week after his damning report on Dana Nessel for using a bad word to describe Dana Nessel on social media.

Kornak was accused last year by the director of a West Michigan nursing home of using the account of her elderly, brain-damaged client to fraudulently bill an insurance company for nearly $50,000.

Nessel, who has cultivated an image as a protector of the vulnerable and elderly, subtly pressured her staff to close the investigation and to provide Kornak with documents that would financially benefit her.

After the nursing home director’s accusations appeared in a Detroit News column last July, an investigation into Kornak was opened by the Attorney General’s Office.

Scott Teter, the director of the AG’s Financial Crimes Division, was so concerned about the obvious conflict of interest he drafted a memo last September informing staff that he was constructing an ethical firewall to distance Nessel from the investigation.

“Because the suspect in this matter assisted with Attorney General Nessel’s transition into office, I believe it would create the appearance of impropriety for AG Nessel to access information about this investigation,” wrote Teter.

“Specifically, if the Department of Attorney General declined to seek charges against the suspect, it might appear that the professional relationship between Attorney General Nessel and Traci Kornak had influenced the investigation.”

He went on: “I am asking for a conflict wall to be established preventing Attorney General Nessel from being provided or accessing any information related to this investigation.”

The ethical wall was constructed. But Nessel barreled through it anyway, according to her own emails obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request.

On Dec. 5, Nessel’s chief investigator disregarded the ethics firewall, and sent Nessel four reports regarding the Kornak investigation.

On Dec. 6, Nessel forwarded those reports to Fadwa Hammoud, her solicitor general.

“Ms. Kornak has contacted me regarding this matter,” wrote Nessel. “Mr. [redacted]’s allegations are apparently holding up a potential judicial appointment for her in Kent County. She has requested the documents from our investigation.”

Nessel continued: “I think (she) wants to be able to assert that the claims made by [redacted] were never substantiated by our investigation, and the case is closed. Please advise what our process should be. There is some urgency to the matter in that she needs to supply this information by the week’s end.”
The Kornak case was closed two weeks later.



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