“Western Civilization Gave the World Pretty Much Every G*ddam Liberal Precept Liberals Are Supposed to Adore” – Bill Maher Strangely Defends Western Civ from Woke Warriors (Video)

‘Real Time’ Host Bill Maher

What is happening to liberal host Bill Maher?

He seems to be increasingly pushing back against the narratives of his own political party.

In recent weeks he has slammed liberals for defending Hamas and the rise of anti-semitism among you people.

He lambasted elite colleges for their “indoctrination into a stew of bad ideas” and the suppression of free speech.

He even admitted that what is happening at Joe Biden’s broken border is a disaster.

Now, on a recent episode of ‘Real Time,’ Maher took the bold move, at least within his own party, of defending western civilization.

Just as shocking, Maher’s audience applauded his efforts.

And finally, new rule for all the progressives and academics who refer to Israel as an outpost of Western civilization like it’s a bad thing. Please note, Western civilization is what gave the world pretty much every goddamn liberal precept that liberals are supposed to adore.

Individual liberty, scientific inquiry, rule of law, religious freedom, women’s rights, human rights, democracy, trial by jury, freedom of speech. Please, somebody stop us before we enlighten again.

And since one can find all these concepts in today’s Israel and virtually nowhere else in the Middle east, if anything, the world would be better place if it had more Israels. Of course, this message falls on deaf ears to the current crop who reduce everything to being only victims or victimizers. So Israel is lumped in as the toxic fruit of the victimizing West, the irony being that all marginalized people live better today because of Western ideals, not in spite of them.

Martin Luther King used Henry David Thoreau’s essay Civil Disobedience to help shape the civil rights movement. The UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights owes its core to Rousseau and Voltaire. Clystenes never showed up for a sexual harassment seminar, but without him, there’s no democracy. The cop who murdered George Floyd got 21 years for violating his Fourth Amendment rights, an idea we got directly from John Locke, who no one in college would ever study anymore because he’s so old and so white and so dead.

So Western. Yes, that’s how simple the woke are. It’s never about ideas. If it was, would they be cheering on Hamas for their liberation?

Liberation to do what? More freely preside over a country where there are no laws against sexual harassment, spousal rape, domestic violence, homophobia, honor killings, or child marriage? This is who liberals think you should stand with. Women there should be so lucky as to get colonized by anybody else. And for the record, the Jews didn’t colonize Israel or anywhere ever, except maybe Boca Raton.

Gaza wasn’t seized by Israel like India or Kenya was by the British Empire, and the partitioning of the region wasn’t decided by Jews, but by a vote of the United Nations in 1947, with everyone from Russia to Haiti voting for it. But apparently they don’t teach this at drag queen story hour anymore.

Now, it is true that for too long we didn’t study enough Asian or African or Latin American history, but part of the reason for that is, frankly, there’s not as much to study. Colleges replaced courses in Western Civ.. Boo. Eye roll… dead white men. Am I right?

They replaced that with world civilization classes, which is fine in theory, but what it meant in practice is you read queer poetry of the African diaspora instead of Shakespeare. And I’m sure there’s value in both. But as usual, America only ever overcorrects. And so we’re at this place now where the words Western Civ became kind of a shorthand for white people ruined everything.

But they didn’t ruin everything. No, they didn’t live up to their own ideals for far too long and committed atrocities. But people back then were all atrocious. Not just the white ones, depending on who had the power. But it was the Western Enlightenment that gave rise to the notion that the law of the jungle should be curbed.

Henry David Thoreau, John Stuart Mill, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jean Jacques Rousseau. Three named dudes.

It was all about three named dudes. Three named dudes like that were the OG social justice warriors. The ideas that came through Athens, Rome, London, Paris, and, yes, Philadelphia are what make life good for most people in free societies today. That the individuals have value, and even the powers that be must submit to the rule of law, that punishment should not be cruel and unusual, that the accused get people get a trial, that there is such a thing as a war crime. Why is it that every other culture gets a pass, but the west is exclusively the sum of the worst things it’s ever done?

You think only white people colonized? Historians estimate that the very non-Western Mr. Genghis Khan killed 40 million people, and that was in the 13th century. He single handedly may have reduced the world’s population by 11%. On the other hand, he kind of made up for it because he was such a prolific colonizer of vaginas that today, an estimated 16 million people, are his direct descendants.

So stop saying Western civilization like it’s a contradiction in terms. It’s not. You’re thinking of moderate Republican.



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