Army Veteran Saves Pregnant Woman From Carjacking at Florida Starbucks Drive-Thru (VIDEO)

An army veteran heroically saved a pregnant woman from being carjacked in a Starbucks drive-thru in Ocala, Florida. Veteran Shane Spicer was waiting for his coffee order when he quickly reacted to the attempted carjacking.

“I feel like if you’ve got the ability to watch out for someone, that you should,” Spicer said. “I would just hope that someone would do the same for my family.”

Police were chasing a suspect, Michael Prouty, who has a long rap sheet going back to the early 2000s. He was being pursued for allegedly burglarizing a home, stealing a car and then crashing it.

Fox News reported:

Army veteran Shane Spicer had just started his day and was waiting for coffee at a Florida Starbucks while police were after a convicted career criminal who attempted to carjack a pregnant woman.

The suspect, identified by police as Michael Prouty, was wanted for allegedly breaking into someone’s home and stealing their car before crashing in a busy intersection.

Police dashcam footage shows Spicer jumping out of the passenger seat of the car behind the woman’s vehicle and hopping into her passenger seat, trying to stop Prouty.

The following news video shows the police dashcam footage with Spicer’s heroic action to hold the suspect for police.


Suspect Michael Prouty was charged with attempted carjacking, resisting arrest, injury crash, and eluding police. He is also facing charges for the home invasion and stealing a vehicle.

Suspect Michael Prouty


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