Another Unhinged Leftist Thug Verbally Assaults Young GOP Volunteers in Virginia – “All MAGA Needs to Go to Gitmo” (VIDEO)

The leftist thugs are on the roll today during the General Election Day.

Earlier, The Gateway Pundit reported that Matthew Hurtt, a young Republican poll worker stationed in Arlington, became the target of distressing verbal abuse from a leftist thug.

Mr. Hurtt recounted, “I was at my fourth polling location for the morning handing out Republican sample ballots.

“I had already talked to the Democratic poll greeters and a few voters when this man approached me. I offered a Republican sample ballot, and he flew into a rage, calling me names, spouting the sort of tropes you hear in the video. Then he went inside to vote.

“I assumed he would come out afterwards and continue his verbal assault, so I turned on my phone camera and slid it into my shirt pocket. What you see in the video is actually the second exchange.”

Vile Leftist Thug Abuses GOP Poll Worker in Arlington, VA – VIDEO

Matthew wasn’t the only one to bear the brunt of these verbal assaults. Another young GOP volunteer also reported being subjected to a similar assault in Prince William, Virginia.

The leftist thug said, “All MAGA needs to go to Gitmo. You Republican faggot are scum. You’re scum, buddy.”

The video was shared by Prince William Area (PWA) Young Republicans.


The General Election Day in the United States on November 7, 2023 is a major off-year election, with gubernatorial and state legislative elections in a few states, as well as numerous citizen initiatives, ballot measures, and local offices on the ballot. At least three special elections to the United States Congress are also scheduled, as either deaths or vacancies arose.

Here are some of the key races to watch on General Election Day, November 7, 2023:

  • Gubernatorial elections: Mississippi and Kentucky will all hold gubernatorial elections in 2023. These races are expected to be competitive, and the outcome could have implications for the national political landscape.
  • State legislative elections: A number of states will hold state legislative elections in 2023, including Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. These races could determine which party controls the state legislature in these key states.
  • Ballot measures: A number of states will have ballot measures on the ballot in 2023, including measures on abortion rights, marijuana legalization, and gun control. These measures could have a significant impact on state policy.
  • Special elections to Congress: Special elections to the United States Congress are scheduled to be held in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in 2023. These elections could provide a preview of the 2024 congressional elections.
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