WOW! Joe Biden Says He Was First Briefed on Hamas Attack Against Israel This Morning… 8 Hours After Attacks Started Last Night – BIDEN WAS ASLEEP! (VIDEO)

So much for Joe Biden taking that “3 am phone call.”

Joe Biden on Saturday afternoon shuffled into the State Dining Room to deliver remarks on the Hamas terror attacks against Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war against Hamas after the militant group fired over 5,000 rockets at Israel on Saturday.

Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel, catching the country off-guard during a major Jewish holiday. The attack involved thousands of rockets and dozens of fighters infiltrating Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip.

“There are dozens of hostages inside Gaza. We don’t know exactly how many, but I would encourage you not to share the videos that are circulating online and on Telegram right now,” said Trey Yingst, Fox News correspondent in Israel.

Horrifying footage has emerged showing women being marched into vehicles, bloodied and bruised. Earlier reports showed Israeli civilian including children, being captured and taken into the Gaza Strip, Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, 80-year-old Joe Biden was asleep.

The surprise terror attacks against Israel started at 11:30 PM ET Friday night – yet Joe Biden admitted he wasn’t briefed on the attacks until 7:30 or 8 am ET on Saturday!

Biden was asleep!

“When I got up this morning and started this at 7:30, 8:00, my calls…Hamas terrorists crossed into Israel and killed not only Israeli soldiers, but Israeli civilians,” Biden said.


Biden’s remarks lasted 2 minutes and 55 seconds. He shuffled away as reporters asked him whether the Iran hostage deal played a role in the Hamas attacks against Israel.


The Biden administration has issued a waiver for banks to transfer $6 billion in frozen Iranian oil funds without fear of U.S. sanctions — a key step in securing the release of five American citizens detained in Iran, people familiar with the matter said. As a part of the arrangement, the administration will release five Iranian citizens detained in the United States.

Three weeks ago The Gateway Pundit predicted Iran would use the cash to fund their military and regional ambitions.

We were right.

Iran’s Islamist proxy Hamas fired over 5,000 missiles into Israel in a surprise Sabbath attack.

Biden walked away like a coward and refused to answer any questions about the Iran hostage deal and Saturday’s Hamas attack against Israel.

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