Wisconsin Is Working to Fix the 2020 Election Fraud to Avoid a Repeat in 2024

Guest report by Jefferson Davis – first reported at JoeHoft.com

Make Votes Count Again – Trump 2024

Thanks to the courage, conviction and commitment of a handful of legislators (Ramthun and Brandtjen) and election integrity supporters, volumes of evidence have been cataloged that would clearly hold up in a court of law to show how the administration of elections in Wisconsin were severely compromised if not outright illegal in the 2020 Presidential Election based on many settled court cases since then.

Rather than looking backward, pointing fingers, going down rabbit trails, placing blame and the proverbial “…could-a, would-a, should-a”, we must learn from 2020 and make sure there isn’t a repeat in 2024.

We must have an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to bring all of the political party, patriots and practitioners together while exhibiting forgiveness, humility, trust, approachability and a pathway forward to make sure Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral College Votes are legally certified in 2024.

Anything short of that, potentially spells doomsday for conservatives and victory for the progressive liberal camp in their ongoing quest to “transform” and implement the “great reset” for America.

In an election supposedly decided by 20,682 votes at 3:44 A.M. on November 4, 2020, (Milwaukee Election Flash Drive Was Briefly Lost, Sources Say. (wisconsinrightnow.com) we will document by quantifying and qualifying what has been done since 2020 and what needs to be done for 2024 as follows:

  • The Assembly and Senate Leadership Teams have strongly indicated they will be holding their November 2023 Floor Session between November 9th and November 14th.
  • The Assembly and Senate Leadership Teams have strongly indicated they will be passing constitutional amendment proposals AJR76 and SJR71, requiring proof of US Citizenship to vote in Wisconsin elections, during the November 2023 Floor Session.  These constitutional amendments will be placed on the statewide ballot in 2024.  The governor’s office cannot veto a joint resolution that is passed for constitutional amendment purposes.  Approximately 5,010 illegal aliens may have participated in the 2020 Presidential Election that may have affected the outcome of that election.  It is anticipated that democrats will sue to make sure voters are prevented from exercising their constitutional privilege of voting on constitutional amendment proposals.  Democrats want illegal aliens to vote in America (Noncitizens allowed to vote in some local elections, spurring backlash from GOP – Georgia Recorder).
  • The Assembly and Senate Leadership Teams have strongly indicated they will be passing constitutional amendment proposals AJR77 and SJR78 that will permanently ban Zuckerberg Staff, monies and equipment from ever affecting the outcome of elections with their interfering with Clerks and their administration of elections.  These constitutional amendments will be placed on the statewide ballot in 2024.  It is estimated that between a minimum of 137,551 and 250,000 illegal absentee ballots were illegally deposited into the illegal absentee ballot drop boxes in 2020 paid for by Zuckerberg with True the Vote’s March of 2022 testimony on geospatial technology and the daily receipts from Clerks across Wisconsin.
  • Wisconsin Supreme Court outlawed the Zuckerberg illegal absentee ballot drop boxes (573 statewide) on July 8, 2022, when the majority opinion wrote something to the effect, “…all Wisconsin voters were harmed and injured by the illegal administration of elections that ultimately resulted in the results of all elections being illegitimate, including the 2020 Presidential Election.”  Democrats have already sued to have the illegal absentee ballot drop boxes reinstated in hopes Janet Protasiewicz will be the tie-breaking vote at the Supreme Court level in Wisconsin.
  • A Waukesha County Judge ruled in September of 2022 that it is illegal for Clerks to cure absentee ballots in Wisconsin.  Nearly 2 million voters supposedly voted with an absentee ballot in 2020.  The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) and Staff directed Clerks to cure absentee ballots in 2020 without the voter’s knowledge or consent.  WEC reports that only .002% of these 2 million absentee ballots were rejected in 2020 or 4,270 statewide.  Normally, most states show a rejection rate of absentee ballots to commonly be in the 2%-3% range.  The Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) showed an error rate of nearly 7% in 2021 when they reviewed the administration of nearly 15,000 absentee ballots from 29 communities. Democrats have already sued to eliminate the state statute requirement of having a witness signature on absentee ballots.
  • A Waukesha County Judge ruled in September of 2023 that WEC has been using an illegal voter registration form for many years and has banned the use of this form from ever being used again.  WEC and the LAB report that nearly 1 million people registered to vote in Wisconsin in 2020 with many of them using the illegal voter registration form.
  • 467,939 names have been identified from the Wisconsin Voter Rolls since 2021 that may have moved, are inactive or are questionable registered voters in Wisconsin (2023 ERIC Movers Review Process – Quarter 2 | Wisconsin Elections Commission).  Approximately 66,000 of these people voted in 2020 according to WEC.
  • 108,378 names have been removed from Wisconsin Voter Rolls through the 4-year Voter Maintenance Program in 2023.  1,164,298 names have been removed since 2011.
  • Special Voting Deputies are back for the 2024 Election Cycle to administer the processing of absentee ballots for long-term care residents.  The Office of Special Counsel, appointed by Speaker Vos in 2021, found that in their investigatory sampling of 91 long-term care facilities in Racine, Brown, Dane, Milwaukee and Kenosha Counties showed a 98.8 registered voter turnout of the 3,301 residents.  The normal turnout for long-term care facilities is in the 1%-2% range.  Wisconsin has approximately 1,121 long-term facilities with approximately 92,000 residents.
  • The mockery and blatant disregard of the Indefinitely Confined state election law has hopefully been plugged since 2020 with the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that prohibits Clerks from encouraging anyone to apply for indefinitely confined designation so they can automatically receive an absentee ballot without having to sign a poll book or show voter ID (State Court Docket Watch: Jefferson v. Dane County, Wisconsin | The Federalist Society (fedsoc.org)).  The indefinitely confined numbers exploded in 2020 from around 66,000 to approximately 267,000 according to WEC.  Approximately 220,000 of these people voted in 2020 according to WEC.
  • WEC has hopefully plugged the security breach of MyVote sending absentee ballots to an address that the voter doesn’t live at with the mailing of thousands of postcards to protect the integrity of absentee ballots being mailed (WEC’s Postcard Mailing Initiative Helps Ensure Absentee Voting Remains Secure | Wisconsin Elections Commission).
  • The extra 3.9 million extra names that are co-mingled with the 3.6 million registered electors will hopefully be addressed by an Ozaukee County Circuit Court Judge on December 6, 2023.  It has long been suspected that these two buckets of names are potentially being swapped just before an election and then swapped back after the election without the average Clerk being able to detect it.  WEC data will show all 72 counties will see their voter registration numbers increase at almost the same exact percentage amount just before an election and then be reduced by about the same percentage just after the election.  We are working on this with the proper and trusted authorities.
  • It is hoped that the suspected dark money laundering campaign commonly referred to as Smurfing will be stopped before the 2024 election cycle is too far along.  We are diligently working on that with the proper and trusted authorities.
  • There are 13 counties with 37 communities that use Central Count to process absentee ballots the day of the election.  Milwaukee’s Central Count has long been the source of suspicion of holding back on the tabulating of absentee ballots until all statewide precincts have reported.  Emails exist from the Zuckerberg Group to the Milwaukee Elections Clerk in 2020 congratulating them for something to the effect of “knowing exactly how ballots were needed at midnight” before reporting the results.  Volunteers have helped plug those holes since 2020 by being the ears and eyes at Milwaukee’s Central Count and will continue to do so to make sure the integrity of processing of absentee ballots is protected.
  • It appears that Phantom Voters may be embedded in WisVote.  Efforts are ongoing to identify these suspected Phantom Voters and have them removed before the 2024 election cycle.
  • Project 5.40 is a collaborative effort to identify as many communities as possible statewide that are willing to join the many communities across Wisconsin that currently do not use electronic voting machines and or tabulators to process ballots.  Wisconsin has 190 cities, 407 villages and 1,255 towns.  Fully implementing this program will completely eliminate any security concerns over Wi Fi, modems, source code, Albert Sensors, Badge Poll Books, scanners, tabulators, black boxes, proprietary protection, open record request denials, etc.

We apologize if this is information overload, but there are so many moving parts from the 2020 Presidential Election that have been addressed with many more that need to be addressed in the next 30 days if there is any chance at all of Wisconsin’s prized 10 Electoral College Votes being legally certified in 2024.

Administrator of Elections

This election integrity issue requires a separate update.

With the appointment of a new Administrator of Elections that will follow the law, the constitution and only be beholden to doing the right thing for all Wisconsin voters, it is without question that all of these election integrity issues will immediately be addressed to make sure the administration of elections in Wisconsin going forward will be with integrity per State Statute 15.61. 5.05 and 13.127.

Here are the updates for the many moving parts of this matter:

  1. A Dane County Judge issued a temporary order on October 27th that Meagan Wolfe can stay in place and a replacement cannot be named until an ultimate court order is issued – Judge temporarily blocks GOP from removing elections chief Wolfe (jsonline.com).
  2. Motion Hearing to be held on Monday, October 30th, 8:00 A.M., Dane County Courthouse – 2023CV002428 Case Details in Dane County (wicourts.gov).
  3. Speaker Vos insists that WEC must make a recommendation by November 1st or appointing a new Administrator of Elections will have to be decided by JCLO per State Statute 15.61 – Republicans acknowledge vote to fire Wisconsin’s top elections chief was ‘symbolic’ (wisn.com).    
  4. The 15 Articles of Impeachment may have new life now that the Dane County Judge issued a temporary order defying state law, Senate Rules and our constitution to keep Meagan Wolfe in place until the court issues a final order.
  5. State Statute 13.127 prohibits WEC from nominating Meagan Wolfe and prohibits Meagan Wolfe from currently serving as the democrats claim she can (Wisconsin Legislature: 13.127).
  6. Wisconsin had a new administrative oversight of elections in 2016 just 120 days before the Presidential Election when the Wisconsin Elections Commission replaced the ethically and legally compromised Government Accountability Board – Title (wisconsin.gov).
  7. The whole plan for the democrats is to drag this out through all of 2024 to make sure democrats do whatever it takes to snag Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral College Votes because democrats cannot win the Presidency without Wisconsin.

Thank you for your continued support, patience, understanding and prayers.

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