Will New Speaker of The House Mike Johnson be the Right Man for the Job? Time Will Tell | Elijah Schaffer’s Top 5 (VIDEO)

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America has a NEW Speaker of the House! But is he the right guy for the job or is this going to be another letdown? (CORRECTION: mistakenly said his last name as Jordan a few times when it’s Johnson)

On Wednesday, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) was elected as the new House Speaker of the 118th United States Congress after twenty-two days, with fourteen candidates vying, four nominees, and four floor votes.”

But it checks out his history may not be as conservative as you might think with strange references to George Floyd, his first motion being to fund a foreign nation, and concerning comments about funding the war in Ukraine. We aren’t making the call that he will be a disappointment, but we are skeptical with what we’ve seen so far.

However, Representative Nancy Mace explains that anyone is better than Kevin McCarthy. Calling his actions behind the scenes “sinister.”

Lastly, “Former President Donald Trump has been cleared of at least one of the many nuisance charges Democrats have thrown at him since he left office in 2020.

After a lengthy, four-year review, a Department of Justice watchdog has officially found that Trump did not improperly influence the FBI’s decision to keep its headquarters in Washington, D.C., instead of moving it to Virginia or Maryland, according to a DOJ report.

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