Watch: Russian Flag Flies Over Conquered Strategic Height Near Main Fortified Area in Avdiivka – Female Military Medic Cries Over Sheer Destruction of Her Ukrainian Brigade

The Russian noose is tightening around Avdiivka, a strategic town considered the ‘key to Donetsk’.

Russian telegram channels have published videos of the Russian and Soviet flags over the Avdiivka waste heap, which they claim was conquered the advancing Russian Federation forces.

The waste heap is a height that dominates the industrial coke plant, which is one of the main fortified areas of Ukraine in Avdiivka.

It does bring to mind the epic, terrible battles in the Azovstal complex during the Mariupol siege.

From this privileged position, all communication routes of the Avdiivka garrison leading to the western Ukraine remain under direct fire control.

Russians can also install posts on the heap to ‘adjust’ fire from drones and aviation.

This goes with the plan of progressively strangling the logistics of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city and on its outskirts.

The cauldron is forming.

After all the main supply routes come under close fire control, the work really begins to try to fully encircle the city.

Ukrainian telegram channels share that sources in the Office of the Presidency said that Zelensky, in headquarters staff meeting, demanded that Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny hold Avdiivka by any means – ‘so as not to repeat the situation with the shameful loss of the Bakhmut fortress’.

Zelensky reportedly ignored all Zaluzhny’s arguments about the complexity of defending the city. As always, the smart play would be retrieve the troops to a better fortified position – but the usual play by Kiev is to send their young (and old) men to a pointless meat grinder.

Watch: battle for the Slag Heap – Warning: Graphic images!

And meat grinder it is! The losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area are very high, even in the context of the veritable massacre of their troops in the last four months.

After clearing the waste heap, Russian soldiers went on the defensive and consolidated in the occupied areas.

Ukraine pulled in reinforcements for a counterattack – it did not pan out.

Due to heavy losses, at least one battalion of the 47th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was transferred to Ocheretino and Novobakhmutovka.

Russian Telegram Channel Rybar reported:

“Similar enemy counterattacks came from the coke plant in Avdeevka , as well as on Opytnoe and Pervomaisky . Ukrainian formations intended to occupy the gray zone, but by artillery strikes of the Russian Armed Forces they were forced back to their starting positions.

Russian aviation and artillery continue to work on enemy lines. The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are growing: according to sources, during a week of active fighting, the number of killed members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine alone exceeded 1 thousand people and 60 pieces of equipment.”

Now, we may be tempted to imagine this report of their losses as exaggerated, or tainted with some wishful think.

Olena Rizh, Ukrainian 47th Mechanized Brigade.

But in fact, a new – heartbreaking – video has surfaced from a female medic from the Ukrainian 47th mechanized brigade who, in tears, states that their casualties are the most horrific they’ve ever been, since the start of the conflict.

She’s been identified as Olena Rizh, medic in the 47th brigade: It bears mentioning that the 47th brigade has been in Rabotyno and other high intensity places in the Zaporozhie front.

Just imagine how bad it has to be right now for her to be broken down like this.

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