Watch Canadian Conservative Leader and Justin Trudeau’s Worst Nightmare Pierre Poilievre Embarrass a Leftist “Journalist” While Devouring a Tasty Apple (VIDEO)

Pierre Poilievre, left, embarrasses idiot reporter while devouring an apple Credit: @townhallcom screenshot

Canadian Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre delivered a masterclass on how to turn the tables on the dishonest media all while eating an apple.

Fox News reported Tuesday that Poilievre and Times Chronicle Editor Don Urquhart had an exchange last Wednesday as the conservative leader traveled to an orchard in Penticton, British Columbia last Wednesday.

The Canadian media is in a panic because Poilievre is far-left Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare. While the next federal election is not scheduled to be held until 2025, Poilievre is favored to become Canada’s next Prime Minister because his Conservative Party is currently destroying Trudeau’s Liberals in several polls by double-digit margins.

Canadians are growing more attracted by the day to his common-sense message on fiscal matters, housing, and support for individual liberties. Worse for Trudeau (who is overrated in terms of charisma), Poilievre has communication skills that bear some resemblance to past conservative American Presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

It’s no wonder Poilievre is drawing big crowds at every event he hosts.

With the inept Trudeau on the ropes, Urquhart tried to ambush Poilievre with a series of loaded, gotcha questions. Sadly for him, Poilievre completely embarrassed Urquhart to the point he was left stuttering like a clueless idiot.



Urquhart: “Um, on the topic. in terms of your sort of strategy currently, you’re obviously taking the populist pathway…”

Poilievre: “What does that mean?”

Urquhart (laughing nervously): “Well, appealing to people’s more emotional levels, I would guess, um.”

Poilievre (mouth full): “What do you mean by that? Give me an example.”

Urquhart: “Certainly you tap very strong ideological language quite frequently.”

Poilievre: “Like what?”

Urquhart (stuttering): “Uh, left wing, you know, this and that, right wing, you know – that type of ideological stuff.”

Poilievre: “I almost never talk about – I never really talk about left or right. I don’t really believe in that.”

Urquhart: “A lot of people would say that you’re simply taking a page out of the Donald Trump book.”

Poilievre: “Like which people would say that?”

Urquhart: “Well, I’m, uh, sure a great many Canadians…”

Poilievre: “Like who?”

Urquhart (laughing): “I don’t know who but…”

Poilievre: “You’re the one who asked the question, so you must know somebody.”

Urquhart: OK, I’m sure there’s some out there but anyway, why should Canadians trust you with their vote given…taking a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook…”

Poilievre: What are you talking about? What page? What page? Can you give me the page? Give me the page? You keep saying that.

Urquhart (stuttering): Uh, uh, in terms of Trudeau and left-wing and all this you uh, uh, you know it’s quite a play you make on it. So, uh…

Poilievre: I don’t know what your question is.

After being thoroughly humiliated by the Poilievre, Urquhart then asks the conservative leader why Canadians should elect him and fire Trudeau in the process.

Poilievre absolutely nails the answer:

Common sense. Common sense for a change. We’re going make common sense common in the country. We do not have any in the current government.

You know, the guy (Trudeau) prints $600 billion dollars and grows our money supply by 32% in three years. Growing the money eight times faster than the economy.

No wonder we have the inflation rate in four decades. I’m going to cap spending, cut waste so we can balance the budget and bring down inflation and interest rates.

You want to be able to pay your mortgage again, you want to be able to afford rent? Then you have to vote for Pierre Poilievre.

Every conservative in America should watch this performance by Poilievre. Too many of them instead try to pander to the liberal media to no avail.


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