UK Government Returns Migrants to Controversial Barge ‘Bibby Stockholm’, Deemed a ‘Fire Trap’ And Evacuated Because of Dangerous Bacteria

Mass migration is a festering wound ailing Europe, and supposedly Conservative parties beholden to Globalist policies can’t do anything but put a band-aid on it.

In England, where tens of thousands arrive yearly, the government is engaged in a months-long struggle to house as much as 500 migrants in a barge.

Yes, 500 – does not even scratch the surface, but so far less than 30 are actually there.

Be as it may, the asylum seekers started returning Thursday to the barge moored off Portland, in the south coast of England.

It’s been more than two months since the vessel had to be evacuated, following the discovery of legionella bacteria in the water supply.

The return to the barge was, furthermore, chaotic.

Associated Press reported:

“As a coach arrived carrying the first group of asylum seekers to return to the Bibby Stockholm, protesters gathered at the gates of Portland Port, which is around 140 miles (225 kilometers) southwest of London, to decry what they view as the “inhumane” conditions aboard.

All but 10 of the 39 men evacuated are believed to have returned, though they arrived later than planned after the coach was deliberately blocked by Just Stop Oil protesters, who argue that the climate crisis will inevitably lead to more migration around the world.”

The barge, with a capacity of 504 people, has been deemed a fire hazard, and activists allege it treats residents as prisoners.

“’They hate it: they say it feels like a prison, some hate being on the sea, they find it very difficult to leave and they are completely separated from the community’, said Candy Udwin from the Stand Up To Racism grouping.

Britain’s Home Office said the use of vessels is ‘a tried and tested approach’ to housing asylum-seekers around Europe, as well as offering value for.”

It was embarrassing for the Conservative Government, taking a hard-line approach to asylum-seekers, to have to evacuate the barge due to the bacteria found in the water aboard.

To move asylum seekers onto the barge is far less costly than paying for hotel accommodation around the country.

Nearly 45,000 people were detected arriving by small boats in the year ending June 2023, a figure 26% higher than the previous year.

“Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made ‘stopping the boats’ a priority ahead of an election expected to take place next year. His government, which is trailing badly in most opinion polls, has proposed sending asylum seekers to Rwanda as a way to discourage people from making the journey, but the plan is stalled in the courts.”

While the accommodations at the Bibby Stockholm, which the government is leasing from a private company, are being deemed ‘inhumane’ for the migrants, it has previously housed workers from various industries, including crews on oil rigs.

Apparently, workers can make do with conditions unacceptable for migrants.

The barge has three stories of closely packed bedrooms opening off long hallways. It has been said that it resembles a college dormitory. It is equipped with a kitchen, dining area and common rooms.

The Home Office expects it to be be operational for at least 18 months, and stay berthed in the port during that time.

Chaotic scenes developed as ‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters tried to stop the coach carrying the asylum-seeking men to the vessel in Portland.

The Guardian reported:

“The Home Office said: ‘The disruption caused in Portland by a small group of people is totally unacceptable. We are liaising closely with the police as they continue their investigations and to ensure appropriate security arrangements are in place’.

[…] One [migrant housed in the barge] told the Guardian: ‘I am worried and afraid. I do not want to go to the barge but I don’t have the courage to disobey. I am literally helpless. I don’t know what is waiting for me. What will the government’s next pilot plans be for the men they are putting on the barge? We feel like pawns in their game, guinea pigs in their experiments. What experiment will they enact on us next? What is at the end of this devastating and crazy wait? Will I be able to save my life and my family?’

[…] A Home Office spokesperson said: ‘All necessary tests including health, fire and water checks have been completed, and are all satisfactory. The number of people on board will increase gradually with more arrivals in the coming days and months, as part of a carefully structured, phased approach’.”

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