Trump And J6 Defendants Push For Change Of Venue Motion: ‘No Such Thing As A Fair Trial In Washington, DC’

J6 Legal Fund, an organization spearheaded by a January 6 defendant that raises funds to secure conservative attorneys for political prisoners, has retained the prestigious polling and market research firm to craft bulletproof data for a Change of Venue motion.

While the Department of Justice United States Attorney’s Office has approximately a 60 percent overall conviction rate in non-J6 jury trials, the United States Attorney’s Office has secured convictions in 100 percent of January 6 jury trials.

Donald Trump and his legal team have touted arguments for moving the former president’s criminal case out of Washington, D.C. Trump’s team contends the District of Columbia’s far leftwing political would deprive him of an impartial jury and the January protest evokes an emotional response among DC resident that is unique to the region.

Trump’s team has asked Federal District Court Judge Chukan to allow an advanced statistical study, proving that Washington DC’s jury pool is irreparably biased against him and the Jan 6ers. Like every federal judge on the bench in Washington, DC, presiding over hundreds of criminal cases stemming from the Capitol riot, Chutkan has rejected all of their requests.

“People in this country have strong views … we expect people to have opinions. And one of the things — it’s fine to have an opinion,” Chutkan said in September 2022 in rebuke of defendant Russell Alford’s bid to relocate his Jan. 6 case.

Courtroom sketch depicting Judge Tanya Chutkan in an exchange with Donald Trump’s lawyers.

“But what I’m going to be instructing the jury is, ‘Can you put aside your opinion and adjudge the defendant based on the evidence?’ And it’s amazing how, I have found, how seriously jurors take that charge,” the judge continued. “And what we’re looking for is not people without opinions; what we’re looking for is people who are able to put aside their opinion and focus their decision solely on the evidence presented in this courtroom.”

Triton Polling, headed by Sean Bartley, has teamed up with defense attorneys hired by J6 Legal, an organization created by J6 defendant Jake Lang,  to devise a remedy they hope will be applied to the obvious unfairness in the forum.

The firm intends to survey hundreds of Washington DC residents about their true feelings about Trump and January 6  and back up claims about the rigged jury pool in a never-before-seen novel way.

Earlier this month, attorney Steve Metcalf, Lang’s lawyer, sounded the alarm on jurors being “recycled” on Jan. 6 trials, an oddity he and other lawyers representing J6 defendants claim they have “never seen in all their years of practicing law.”

Approximately 20 jurors were called to jury duty on his client Zachary Alam’s trial after they were called for jury duty in another J6 trial and struck down just days prior.

“The survey we intend to conduct with Triton Polling is a creative solution to present statistics showcasing jury bias in a way that no one has done before,” Metcalf told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

“The same jurors are being called to jury duty on January 6 trials over and over again,” he said. “Not to mention, how many people, prospective jurors in DC, are registered Democrats in that jurisdiction? How many people have harsh feelings about January 6ers as a whole? How many people have harsh feelings about January 6 as a whole because of the coverage that they’ve seen? How has this one incident essentially divided our country politically?

And then, to top it off, people harbor strong, deep-rooted feelings about particular groups and individuals that were there that day. Think about the Proud Boys; all the prospective jurors and the jurors who were selected had these preconceived notions of who the Proud Boys were, about how they are ‘white supremacists’ — that’s deeply rooted. That is a core belief that you’re not going to be able to set aside. The whole purpose of being a juror is to be fair and unbiased.

Lang is seen in footage near the Rotunda on January 6 wearing a gas mask as he pulls people up off the ground. J6 defendant Phillip Anderson and Tommy Tatum, who has yet to face charges “for his role in the Capitol riot,” credit Lang with saving their lives on January 6. As dozens of demonstrators fell on top of them, Lang picked them up and walked them to safety. Lang is also seen in footage from January 6 rendering aid to Roseanne Boyland moments before Officer Lila Morris beat Boyland’s unconscious body.

“J6Legal began embarking on this to survey the jury pool in DC a few weeks ago, but we need the American people’s help to bring this vital expedition to fruition,” Lang told TGP in an exclusive interview.

These venue motions have been filed on January 6 cases for the last two years,” he said. “The approach we are taking is unique, trying to shed light on the things that have not been adequately addressed thus far.

The Gateway Pundit has exclusively obtained some of the questions that will be on this groundbreaking poll.

Here are a few that will be asked on the official change of venue poll:

1. Have you ever heard about or seen a video of the huge Trump protest at the Capitol on January 6, 2021?

2. Did you watch any of the January 6 Select Committee hearings that Congress televised on TV or see any clips on social media?

3. Did you see videos or pictures of protestors being violent with the police?

4. Did those videos really horrify you?

5. Do you think that those protestors deserve to go to prison?

6. Do you think Trump is the reason those protestors acted that way?

7. Do you think Trump is responsible for January 6?

8. Do you think Trump deserves to go to prison for January 6?

9. Was your business or job affected by the boarding up of downtown Washington DC before January 6?

10. Was your business or job affected by the National Guard presence, the armed men, and armored vehicles or fences around the Capitol for months after January 6?

“These questions have been specially designed to root out the insurmountable bias that every Washington DC resident has against Trump and the January 6 protestors,” Lang continued. “Legally speaking, this inherent bias leaves the DOJ in a Constitutional crisis; either the court must violate Trump and the Jan 6 defendants’ Constitutional Right to an unbiased jury, or, with any wisdom – they must change the venue of the court to another more suitable area.

“This polling procedure administered by Triton Polling is very thorough and expensive! In order to reach a 5 percent margin of error, hundreds and hundreds of DC residents, need to be cross-sectioned, authenticated, and polled.

“Please help pay for the retainer costs, which only half of is currently paid! Please visit now and donate, your generosity is greatly appreciated. This very well might be the one shot the Jan 6ers have to get out of DC and into an unbiased jury pool.”


J6Legal has raised funds to provide attorneys for 21 J6 defendants to date.


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