Trans Cyclist Defeats All Women in Race But Reportedly Didn’t Place When Racing Men

What was billed as a woman’s bicycle race in Chicago was won by two men, with the top female finisher placing third.

Tessa Johnson, 25, won the Women’s Single Speed and Cat Half categories at the Chicago CycloCross Cup on Oct. 7, Evelyn Williamson, 30, placed second in the Single Speed contest, according to the New York Post. Both are transgendered competitors.

Allison Zmuda was the only female in the top three of the Singe Speed race as she finished third.

In winning the women’s Cat Half, Johnson won $150, Williamson won $75 for placing fourth in that race.

The Post reported that Williamson has racked up 18 wins since he began competing against women in 2017.

The report noted that in 2020, Williamson entered against both women and men in the Sky Express Winter Criterium. He won first place against women, but did not place when competing against other men.

The race followed the rules set by USA Cycling, saying that at “non-elite competition levels, a member may self-select their gender,” according to Fox News.

Former coach Linda Blade blasted the result in a post on X she wrote, “Race organizers of @usacycling need to stop calling these ‘women’s events.’ You are fooling nobody. These are ‘beta-male races’ where some women get to be involved. In the process you are turning your ‘sport’ into a joke,” she wrote.

Race organizers have indicated they are determined not to care.

“If you have found your way to a CCC event to race your bike and hopefully have some fun in the process… then you’re welcome here,” its website says,

“The CCC has always been first and foremost about fostering a positive and supportive community built around competitive cyclo-cross racing, and that means welcoming and challenging everyone who wants to contribute to the series and make it better,” it says.

“Discrimination or harassment of any kind on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, sportsball team affiliation, or any other stupid ideas someone comes up with to belittle others will not be tolerated,” the race’s site says.

“Maybe when an entire podium is filled with transgender athletes more people will start realizing the craziness taking place,” Mark Harris noted on Outkick.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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