Teen Stunned When Judge Won’t Release Him for Violent Robbery Charges: ‘I Can’t Get House Arrest?’

Liberal coastal elites have created a new class of entitled criminals.

Last week, Seattle’s KOMO-TV reported that a King County judge had charged several suspects in connection with a series of violent home invasions and robberies.

One suspect, identified as a 16-year-old male, expressed disbelief that he would have to remain in Juvenile Detention.

“I can’t get house arrest? You let people out … You should let people out …” the incredulous teen said.

“Well, I’m not letting you out,” the judge replied.

“Why not?” the teen asked.

“Why not? Maybe you should ask [your attorney] why not,” the judge answered.

Jeremy Harris of KOMO posted a brief clip of the exchange on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter.

Other social media users noted that the teen’s attitude reflected poorly on both our society and our justice system.

“Where people rob with guns and wonder why a judge doesn’t release them to their home awaiting trial. Doesn’t bode well for our society,” one user tweeted.

“‘You let people out. You should let people out.’ It’s clear the mentality of criminals is that they’ve been let out so often that they just think it will always be that way,” another user tweeted.

The teen’s attitude certainly spoke volumes about accused criminals’ expectations, especially in liberal cities such as Seattle.

Given the crime epidemic in Democrat-run cities, as well as Black Lives Matter-inspired calls for de-funding the police, one can hardly blame a 16-year-old alleged violent criminal for thinking that he would receive leniency.

A close reading of the KOMO report offers a clue that might help explain the decline of civilization in liberal enclaves.

The report began by noting that authorities suspected the teen and five others of “targeting Asian families.” That, of course, led to speculation about so-called “hate crimes.”

Liberals obsess over a victim’s ancestry or physical appearance. A victim can never be simply a victim.

While that perverse obsession does not necessarily account for this particular alleged criminal’s incredulous reaction, it does reflect liberal priorities.

And those priorities have nothing to do with justice.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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