Speaker Mike Johnson Wants to Separate Ukraine Aid from Israel Assistance: ‘The American People Demand Accountability for Their Tax Dollars’

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson made it clear on Sean Hannity’s prime-time Fox News show on Thursday that he intends to separate the issues of foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the Biden regime is considering a whopping $100 billion in defense assistance earmarked for Israel and Ukraine, along with aid to nations in the Indo-Pacific, including Taiwan. In addition to this, there’s a substantial proposal for border security funding within the United States.

During his interview with Hannity, Johnson was clear that House Republicans want to “bifurcate” these issues. The rationale is simple: there’s a need for a distinct conversation on each foreign policy matter, whether it’s supporting Israel or backing Ukraine against Russian aggression.

“I told the staff, the White House today, that our consensus among House Republicans is that we need to bifurcate those issues,” said Johnson.

“I agree with your assessment in Ukraine, and that’s why the American people are demanding some real accountability for the use of those dollars,” he added.

His words resonate with a lot of Americans who believe that the Biden regime’s tendency to bundle various geopolitical issues into a single massive bill lacks transparency and is prone to exploitation. For instance, support for Israel will be cunningly utilized to smuggle in aid for Ukraine.

“Now, we can’t allow Vladimir Putin to prevail in Ukraine because I don’t believe it would stop there. And it would probably encourage and empower China to perhaps make a move on Taiwan. We have these concerns. We’re not going to abandon them. But we have a responsibility, a stewardship responsibility, over the precious treasure of the American people. And we have to make sure that the White House is providing the people with some accountability for the dollars,” Johnson said.


During an earlier interview in Washington, D.C., Johnson was asked about his views on additional aid for Ukraine.

“We all do…we are going to have conditions on that so we’re working through,” he said.

Johnson’s remarks reveal a consistent approach to the issue; he supports aiding Ukraine but wants to see conditions and accountability attached. “We want accountability and we want objectives that are clear from the White House,” he added.


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