RINO Ken Buck Voted Against Jim Jordan: Now Facing Eviction From Main Colorado Office (Video)

The Gateway Pundit reported that RINO Ken Buck voted against Jim Jordan for House Speaker, admitting he voted for Tom Emmer because he doesn’t like him and wants him to have a horrible job.

Now, Buck alleges he is being evicted from his main Colorado office for refusing to vote for Jordan.  The property’s landlord is a company run by a major GOP donor.

Buck told NBC News,“I’ve been evicted from my office in Colorado — I have a notice of eviction — because the landlord is mad with my voting record on this speaker issue.”


The Colorado Sun reports:

Buck’s main Colorado office is in Windsor’s Water Valley subdivision adjacent to the Pelican Lakes Resort and Golf Club. The building where the office is located is owned by Pelican Point Business Park LLC, whose registered agent is developer Martin Lind, according to property and business records.


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