BREAKING: Five White House Employees Involved in Biden’s Stolen Classified Docs Case – Biden Lied About Timeline!

The House Oversight Committee this week revealed that five White House employees were involved in Biden’s stolen classified documents case.

Joe Biden STOLE SCIF-designated classified documents and improperly stored them at the Penn Biden Center.

Biden also stored classified documents in his garage next to his Corvette where his son Hunter had access to the sensitive materials.

Nine boxes of documents were taken from Joe Biden’s lawyer’s Boston office and we have no idea what is in those boxes because the National Archives is covering up for Biden.

Joe Biden also withheld information from the Senate Intel Committee.

Recall that it was reported that Joe Biden’s attorney first discovered “Obama-Biden administration documents in a locked closet while packing files as they prepare to close out Biden’s office in the Penn Biden Center” in November 2022.

This timeline presented by Biden’s attorney is of course a lie.

Joe Biden’s former assistant as Vice President, Kathy Chung, in April testified to the House Oversight Committee about the mishandling of classified documents by Biden since his time as Vice President.

Chung testified that White House Counsel Dana Remus tasked her with retrieving boxes of classified documents from Penn Biden Center as early as May 2022.

Joe Biden knew about his own classified documents scandal brewing long before he directed his DOJ to raid Mar-a-Lago – the timeline actually goes back to March 2021.

According to new information released by the House Oversight Committee, Joe Biden lied about the timeline. Annie Tomasini, Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the President and Director of Oval Office Operations, went to Penn Biden Center to take inventory of President Biden’s documents and materials on March 18, 2021.

Biden lied by omission!

“We have discovered new information about the number of White House employees involved in President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents,” the House Oversight Committee said on Wednesday.

“President Biden’s attorney stated that the discovery of classified documents at Penn Biden Center occurred on November 2, 2022.” they said.

“Our Committee has developed evidence showing the timeline of relevant events began in 2021 and involved at least five White House employees,” the Republican-led Committee said.

“President Biden and his legal team omitted months of communications, planning, and coordinating among multiple White House officials, a former VP staffer, Penn Biden Center employees, and President Biden’s personal attorneys to retrieve the boxes containing classified materials.” the Oversight said. “There is no reasonable explanation as to why this many White House employees and lawyers were so concerned with retrieving boxes they reportedly believed contained only personal documents and materials.”

“The Committee has obtained information that contradicts important details from the White House’s and President Biden’s personal attorney’s statement about the discovery of documents at Penn Biden Center, including the location and security of the classified documents,” The Oversight Committee said in a letter addressed to White House Counsel Edward Siskel.

The Committee continued,” The Committee has also learned that one of your predecessors as White House Counsel , Ms. Dana Remus, and other White House employees were central figures in the early stages of coordinating the organizing, moving, and removing of boxes that were later found to contain classified materials.”

The Oversight cited Biden’s recent two-day interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur and said Biden should be fully transparent about the timeline and discovery of classified materials.

Joe Biden’s scandal spokesman Ian Sams on Monday said Biden has spent the last two days with Special Counsel Robert Hur about his handling of stolen classified documents.

“The President has been interviewed as part of the investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Hur. The voluntary interview was conducted at the White House over two days, Sunday and Monday, and concluded Monday. As we have said from the beginning, the President and the White House are cooperating with this investigation, and as it has been appropriate, we have provided relevant updates publicly, being as transparent as we can consistent with protecting and preserving the integrity of the investigation. We would refer other questions to the Justice Department at this time,” a statement from Ian Sams read.

Did Biden come clean about the timeline to Robert Hur? Or did Joe Biden lie to the Special Counsel?

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