Report: Jewish Students at Cornell in Hiding After Vile Anti-Semitic Death Threats Posted on Student Message Board; Kosher Dining Hall on Lockdown

Jewish students at Cornell University in upstate New York are reportedly hiding in their rooms after vile, anti-Semitic death threats were posted on a student message board. The campus kosher dining hall was singled out with a threat of a massacre. Police are reportedly on scene and the Cornell administration has issued a statement expressing concern.

Cornell University photo.

The threats come two weeks after a Cornell professor was filmed praising the October 7 slaughter of Jews in Israel by Hamas:

That was followed by pro-Palestinian graffiti on campus:

Some of the messages, posted Saturday and Sunday on Greekrank were screen-capped and reported Sunday evening by Cornell ’22 grad Annie Vail, “Currently on a @Cornell discussion forum, the kosher dining hall (104 west) is now on lockdown and Jewish students are scared to leave their rooms…The Cornell Police, State Police and the FBI have all been alerted and there are currently police stationed at 104 West. We are expecting a response from the administration soon”

The threat to shoot up the kosher dining hall was made Sunday afternoon: “gonna shoot up 104 west allahu akbar! from the river to the sea, palestine will be free! glory to hamas! liberation by any means necessary!”, Posted By: kill jews”

Another post said, “jewish people need to be killed if you see a jewish “person” on campus follow them home slit their throats. rats need to be eliminated from Cornell” Posted By: jew evil”

Other messages praised the October 7 attack and called for the elimination of Jewish housing from Cornell.

More posts:

Given the similar style, the posts appear to be the work of one vicious anti-Semite looking to strike fear in Jewish students. Given the current state of affairs, they must be treated as real threats until the poster is found and detained by law enforcement.

The Cornell Hillel group posted a statement warning students to avoid the dining hall building, ““Cornell Hillel is aware of a threatening statement that was directed toward the building at 104West, which houses the University’s kosher and multicultural dining hall, as well as more generally toward Jewish students, faculty and staff. The Cornell University administration has been made aware of this concerning language, and the Cornell University Police Department is monitoring the situation and is on site at 104West! to provide additional security as a precaution. At this time, we advise that students and staff avoid the building out of an abundance of caution. We will continue to provide updates as additional information becomes available”

Cornell President Martha Pollack released a statement Sunday night saying campus police were at the dining hall and the FBI has been notified.

The Cornell Daily Sun reported campus police sent out an alert Sunday night:

CUPD released a community threat alert for the entire City of Ithaca at 7:13 p.m. in which it announced it was investigating the posts.

“Evidence suggests the targeted locations were intentionally selected because of the perpetrator’s bias,” the threat alert said.

The Daily Sun also reported several of the threatening posts had been taken down as of Sunday night.

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